TROY (WWJ) – Troy police are advising the city’s churches to keep an eye out for suspicious activity after two incidents over the past two months.

Officer Janice Pokely says that on December 12 and again on January 3, officials at two churches reported that strangers appeared to be casing their buildings.

“We had received information from the church on two separate occasions about some possible suspicious activity – the report was made and officers are investigating,” said Pokely.

Pokely advises churches to keep an eye out for people they don’t know who appear to be asking a lot of questions.

“If there are any vehicles that are driving around the church building or through the lot, that raises your attention — that can be called in,” said Pokely.

The Troy police department is holding an informational meeting at 6:30 p.m. on January 26 to advise local churches on how to be proactive about their security.


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