By: Evan Jankens

The office at 97.1 The Ticket is sometimes like a locker room. Staff is mocked, ridiculed and picked on to various degrees, depending on how well you can take it. Sometimes people can’t take even a casual mocking. Let’s just say that’s how this poll came about.

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Earlier this week, Mike Sullivan, producer of the Valenti and Foster show, came into work with a long-sleeved button up tucked into his jeans. The shirt itself was fine, but the way he had it tucked into his jeans seemed odd to me and I had to make sure I let him know what I thought. That’s what friends do, right?

Mike wasn’t having it and proclaimed he could “out dress anyone in the building with the exception of two people.” Those two people were Mike Valenti and our sales manager Rich Renko.

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From left to right: David “Hatchet Man” Hull, Evan Jankens, Mike “Sully” Sullivan

A bet was born. Call screener David Hull, aka Hatchet Man, got in on the action, too. Now it’s your chance to finally settle this within the 97.1 The Ticket walls. Who is best dressed?

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