By: Mike Stone

He passed for over 43,000 yards and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, so who better to critique quarterbacks than Dan Fouts. The former San Diego Charger, who will be calling the AFC Championship game Sunday at 3:00 on 97.1 The Ticket thinks Matthew Stafford is a good quarterback and amazingly used him in the same sentence with an all time great. “I draw the analogy with John Elway. John received a lot of criticism. He lost Super Bowls, but once he got a running game with Terrell Davis, things turned around and he picked up a couple of Super Bowls.” Fouts firmly believes that someone like Davis could propel Stafford to greatness. “Detroit has never had, since Barry Sanders an outstanding running back, so Stafford has never played with a guy who can take the pressure off on a consistent basis. I like the way he competes and the way he the throws the ball .Give him a stud running back where he can do play action and he will be fine.”

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Fouts also believes the Lions did the right thing by bringing Jim Caldwell back,” Jim is an outstanding coach and Jim Bob Cooter at the end of the season,we saw how things meshed for the Lions. Continuity is important in anything you do,so this is a good move for the Lions.”

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Fouts also touched on the poor clock management of Andy Reid,t he prowess of Cam Newton, the 1982 AFC title game, Brady-Manning 17 and his alma mater hiring Brady Hoke as defensive coordinator.