FLINT (WWJ) – Outrage over lead contamination in Flint’s tap water has spurred a number of recent rallies, including one Sunday in the city’s downtown area.

The rally at the City of Flint Municipal Center brought together residents and militia members — all demanding answers about Flint’s water.

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For the last five days the Genesee County Volunteer Militia has been delivering water door-to-door along with the American Red Cross according to Dave McKellar with the Genesee County Volunteer Militia.

“We go in civilian clothes, in an unarmed manner,  we’ve been out with the crews, we’ve been moving water that they couldn’t accept into the church groups — whatever we can do to assist,” said McKellar.

“I’ve had several semi-trucks contact me, where do we go? How do we get there? I’ve been tied in with the Red Cross as tightly as I can, I attempted to tie in with federal and state but due to … my friends — they are not fond of the militia at this point and to some extend I can see that,  but we are out here to do good for the community – that’s all.”

Saying there is government that has gone a muck across all levels of government across the county – a militia member called for accountability.

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“If it means having to taking up arms in defense of you, we will do that as well,” said Major Matt Khroll during the rally.


Lamont Williams, 27, and his brother Nate, 20, drove from Illinois to Flint to offer help. “I worked twice in my life in Detroit,” said Lamont, “for a non-profit — when I was in law school — that’s my connection to Michigan.”

“These people need help, and it’s not what you see in the news, there is more to it. There is definitely a human element – it’s not a black or white thing – it’s not a rich or poor thing – the city of Flint no matter where you go — people need water. You know, you can’t go three days without drinking water. Everybody needs water. If you can come out here and help come out – the more the merrier.”

The water crisis in Flint has been an ongoing and painful saga for the city’s residents. State and local authorities have come under criticism for the handling of the situation that has now become a national topic.

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Governor Rick Snyder released 274 pages of e-mails released after the State of the State in the wake of the water crisis that has led protesters to call for the governor to resign