FLINT (WWJ/AP) – Teams from the Environmental Protection Agency are preparing to collect samples to confirm that lead is being removed by water filters in Flint.

The EPA will be collecting drinking water samples to get a better understanding of which plumbing materials are of greatest concern for lead-leaching and to ensure that corrosion control is being restored to Flint’s water system.

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Previous tests have shown high lead levels in some children after Flint switched from Detroit water to the Flint River in 2014 to save money. The water wasn’t properly treated for corrosion, and lead began leaching from aging pipes into the drinking water.

Other samples collected by the EPA from throughout the system show chlorine is present but levels in some areas could be improved.

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Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley addressed the water crisis in Flint with WWJ. Though he says much work still needs to be done, he thinks progress will be made soon.

“I believe that over the course of the next few months it will become much more apparent that the system at large is back to its pre-Flint water condition. Now, the system pre-Flint water was an average of 80 years old and so I do believe that we will also find some infrastructure that just needs to be replaced,” said Calley.

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Calley says the infrastructure will need to be deeply explored and the government will have to go the extra mile to restore confidence in residents.