DETROIT (WWJ) – Wayne State Political Scientist Susan Fino says Trump has tapped into a vein of anger in many people over issues like immigration, and angry people tend to vote. The early contests are important, she says, because they determine which candidates get money.

“People don’t follow losers,” says Fino, “the media will follow people who are ahead and donors don’t want to send their money to losers.”

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She says that Trump has a limited appeal.

“I haven’t heard him say much of anything that would be appealing to person’s of color, immigrants, woman, gay or lesbian, or trans-people.”

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But she notes, Trump has tapped into an sense of anger within the American population in connection with devisive issues like immigation.

“If political science tells us anything – the angrier you are -the more likely you are to act on it – so that would tell me that there’s a strong likelihood that his suppporters will show up and vote.”

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She believes that could spell the death knell for Jeb Bush. In the long run, she thinks it will be a contest between Cruz and Rubio.