By @GeorgeJFox

“Wow, where do you get a Humvee airbrushed with naked ladies?” said no one ever.

Well except for Pistons’ legend Dennis Rodman.

I’ve gotta admit — nothing says Bad Boy like a legit Humvee. I’m not talking about the Hummer-lite that GM put out in the 90’s. This is a diesel war-machine with a few creature comforts including a CD player and what looks like air conditioning.

Set at $52,500, the celebrity appeal is being accounted for. A nicely restored Humvee of this vintage can be had for $30-$40,000.

Let’s talk about the porn paint job though. Thank God they covered it up with a wrap, because those babes are probably bringing down your resale. They say you can remove the wrap to show off the majesty of the original artwork, but honestly, Rodman could barely pull off this freaky ride so you shouldn’t try.

Check out the rest of the too hot photos on Ebay.


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