DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – It was a busy day of campaigning in Michigan for Chelsea Clinton — the daughter of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

C) Chelsea Clinton flanked by Detroit mayor Mike Duggan and Monique Marks. (WWJ/Jon Hewett)

C) Chelsea Clinton flanked by Detroit mayor Mike Duggan and Monique Marks. (WWJ/Jon Hewett)

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She stopped by Flint Thursday afternoon and Detroit’s Franklin Wright Academy YouthVille campus in the evening.

Will former President Bill Clinton continue to hit the campaign trail, too?

“He’s been out talking about the economy a lot, I think he knows a lot about the economy. I think he also knows a lot about what it takes to be an effective president, particularly in a time facing real economic challenges,” said Clinton.

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Chelsea Clinton went on the say that her dad will continue stumping for Hillary.

“I know he’s going to continue to be out talking about that, across the country, and why he thinks my mom is even more qualified than he is to be our president at this time,” she said.

She was asked about concerns some voters have when it comes to her mother’s “trustworthiness.”

“There is no one on earth I trust more than my mom,” said Chelsea Clinton. “So, I never understand that question because my mom has always taken care of me, always supported me, always ensured me that I never doubted I was her first priority, or that my family, including her granddaughter are her first priority — so I have no resonance with that.”

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Both parties have Presidential debates planned for Michigan in the next few weeks.