By: Evan Jankens

Remember this?

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In “Ghostbusters II,” Dr. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) — on his talk show “The World of the Psychic” — was joined by guests Milton Angland (Kevin Dunn) and Elaine (Chloe Webb) to talk about the end of the world.

Milton thought the world was going to end on New Year’s Eve, and it’s assumed he meant in the year of 1989 — the year the movie was made. Venkman’s other guest had a different idea about the end of the world.

“According to my source the end of the world will be on February 14, in the year 2016,” Elaine said.

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“Valentine’s Day…bummer,” Venkman replied.

Elaine explained that it was “an alien” that told her about it after she met him at a bar at the Holiday Inn.

The best part of the scene is the fact that Venkman was so curious about the fact that the alien had a hotel room.

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If “Back to the Future” got so much so pub for “Back to the Future Day,” then why isn’t this scene getting more attention?