DETROIT (WWJ) — It’s a new home for a very different kind of dog — a hermaphrodite pit bull-mix that was picked up by the Detroit Dog Rescue last month.

Cody was found to have the organs of both a male and a female dog. Executive director Kristina Rinaldi said they were looking for a very special person to adopt the dog, who was sick with malnutrition and heartworm when found.

“We wanted him to go to someone who understood him,” Rinaldi said.

On Monday, Cody found that home with gay rights attorney Dana Nessel, her wife Alanna and their two twin sons. Nessel represented April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse who challenged Michigan’s same-sex marriage prohibition and won a Supreme Court appeal which resulted in marriage equality throughout the nation.

“We weren’t interested in his sex organs or whether he was a male or female,” Nessel said. “We just wanted a dog that needed a home and the boys just loved this dog.”

Nessel says she’s pushing to rename Cody after the David Bowie gender-bending ulter ego, Ziggy Stardust.


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