Detroit x Detroit is ready to rock The Loving Touch in Ferndale this Saturday night! The 6th annual show celebrates Detroit’s rich musical catalog by showcasing local bands performing as a variety of the city’s talented artists. This year’s show will feature 15 bands performing covers from their favorite Detroit acts like Madonna, The White Stripes, Sufjan Stevens, and many more!

This unique local music celebration is a must-see for any music fan. Plus, the proceeds of this event help support a special scholarship for a student at School of Rock! See the School of Rock students live in action…they’re opening the show on the main stage – performing hits from Detroit rock heroes The Stooges.

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CBS 62’s Detroit Proud spoke to a few musicians performing at this year’s Detroit x Detroit about what it takes to get ready to rock! Check out what Paul Corsi (from Go Tiger Go – performing as My Pal Val), Zander Michigan (performing as Rodriguez), and Dave Crowl (from Jet Black Blonde – performing as The High Strung) had to say about this years Detroit x Detroit!

What is it about Detroit’s musical community that makes Detroit x Detroit an awesome event to to attend every year?

Paul (Go Tiger Go):  Love the gritty garage sounds of Detroit. The city has a unique sound and is not afraid of saying it. Detroit is an epicenter of art, music, theater and even food…so much colorful expression around the city. Rich in art. Go anywhere in Detroit and there is great collaboration of art and artists.

We know a few other bands that have performed at Detroit x Detroit in the past. Thought it would be cool – local people together showing appreciation for the local flavor of Detroit. Should be a fun event to do.

Zander Michigan: You just never know what’s going to happen. How do you cover legends like The Temptations or Madonna? Will be fun to see.

What made you want to perform at Detroit x Detroit and how did you pick the artists you were going to cover?

Paul (Go Tiger Go): We played with My Pal Val about a year ago at Old Miami. Their band is one of the best live acts, with a cool Detroit sound. That sound is edgy and gritty, but also has a message. A garage feel. MPV takes grit and puts their spin on it. They’re a Detroit band that takes garage rock elements and makes it their own. Made friends with My Pal Val, picked up their EP, and it was one of my favorites of 2015!

Thought it was a perfect match for Go Tiger Go – we’re going to put our spin on their thing. Love their imagery –  super badass musicians – they’re so nice, and also phenomenal musicians and songwriters. All of those factors got us to MPV. We thought it would be the best fit for our performance.

Dave (Jet Black Blonde): I performed at Detroit x Detroit with my first band, The Drags, in 2011. Some of the same bands are still around and performing – I go almost every year, it’s always fun. We were in between shows & I wanted to play Detroit x Detroit this year.

It was tough to decide on an act to cover – so many great Detroit artists to pick from. The High Strung are one of my all-time favorite Detroit bands and I had a difficult time choosing what songs to play. I like so many! I took a different approach, I messaged Josh (lead singer from The High Strung), asking him to quickly name his favorite High Strung songs. I kept it from him that whatever songs he picked were going to be the ones we were going to perform…

Zander Michigan: The show is a brilliant idea. Every city should have one like this, it’s pretty cool. I’ve wanted to play the show for a few years! It was hard to find an acoustic folk act to pair with my style. Rodriguez is kind of the Bob Dylan of Detroit. Anti-establishment folk songs with a meaning. My music is similar.

What was rehearsing someone else’s music like? 

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Dave (Jet Black Blonde): The High Strung are all insane musicians. Chad, the bass player, is a monster. Their singer’s range is impressive. I play guitar and we like to jam a lot; we do our own spin, but stay true to their songs. I think there’s not many bands that sound like The High Strung and as a musician, they have a HUGE influence on me. I’m a huge fan so I’ve picked up a lot of little things. They’re underrated, I’m excited to perform their music.

Zander Michigan: Learning the music was easy, the chord structure and rhythm is similar. The hard part is remembering the lyrics! I enjoyed listening to the music – it was a good excuse to listen to Rodriguez…a lot.

Detroit x Detroit is always a rockin’ event, what are you looking forward to the most? 

Dave (Jet Black Blonde): I want to see the (Escaping Pavement) Madonna performance. Six and the Sevens are putting together something like a ten-piece horn section, and that’s going to be awesome. I remember when The HandGrenades performed as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (when they were still Dale Earnhardt [and not just JR. JR.]). Looking forward to more memorable performances like that this year!

Zander Michigan: I’m excited for the show and seeing all the bands. The Detroit music scene is so different. It’s different wherever you go, different circles of different music. Detroit doesn’t have a specific sound – it’s a good musical community to come from.

Paul (Go Tiger Go): Five Pound Snap as Mexican Knives and Escaping Pavement performing as Madonna should be fun. Maybe Madonna will show up.

Hope to see everyone Saturday night! 

Detroit x Detroit VI

This Saturday, February 20th – Doors @ 8pm
The Loving Touch
22634 Woodward Ave, Ferndale

Tickets: $10

For more info on the interviewees Detroit Proud spoke to above (and their bands/music):

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Zander Michigan:

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