By Marisa Fusinski

DEARBORN (CBS Detroit) – For years the place to see nature flicks and blockbusters alike on “Michigan’s largest screen” — the IMAX Theatre at The Henry Ford in Dearborn is no more.

There are currently no tickets for sale, and a message on the attraction’s webpage reads:

“We’re reinventing our movie house in giant-sized style. Experience our new state-of-the-art 4K digital projection, sound and seating. *The Henry Ford Giant Screen Experience is no longer an IMAX® Theatre.”

Media & Film Relations Manager Melissa Foster told CBS Detroit that the theater, which ceased showing movies on Jan. 1, is set to reopen in April — after a switch from film projection to digital is complete.

This comes after metro Detroit movie buffs were disappointed in December to learn that the theater would not be playing the hugely popular “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” — which was shown on other metro Detroit area IMAX screens, including at the AMC Forum 30 in Sterling Heights.

Foster explained that the theater, at that time, unfortunately was not equipped with current technology necessary to screen that movie; and Foster said she’s not sure if future Star Wars installments and similar movies have a shot to be shown there.

Why drop IMAX? Foster said it’s not that the upgrade to new IMAX technology was just too expensive. In fact, she said, they investigated all available options and chose what “just made the most sense and was the most flexible.”

As for what the switch means to moviegoers, Foster said they should expect a new focus.

“The hope is for us to get more mission-fit films…not necessarily Hollywood,” Foster said. “We’re looking to move more toward what fits with us as an institution” — i.e. educational, science and technology films.

She said they also hope to do some new things with the theater, such as host film festivals.

Once the theater reopens, showtimes and tickets will be available at this link.



  1. Ed Craft II says:

    So no more 70mm 8 story high feel like you are really there experience?

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