GROSSE ILE (WWJ) – When it comes to the safest cities to live in Michigan, a little island Downriver tops the list.

Grosse Ile has been rated as the best place to live in Michigan if you want to be safe, according to security analysis website

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The website complied FBI crime reports and other data to determine the safest cities across the state, and the top five are all in Southeast Michigan — including Plymouth, Grosse Pointe Woods, South Lyon and Milford.

Grosse Ile police say it’s easy to explain their low crime rate — not only is the city an island, but both bridges that connect Grosse Ile to the mainland are equipped with license plate readers that track every vehicle that comes on or off the island.

Safest Cities In Michigan*

1. Grosse Ile
Residents: 10,300
Violent crime rate: 9.7
Propery crime rate: .08%

2. Plymouth
Residents: 27,500
Violent crime rate: 29.3
Propery crime rate: .08%

3. Grosse Pointe Woods
Residents: 16,100
Violent crime rate: 31
Propery crime rate: 1.5%

4. South Lyon
Residents: 11,300
Violent crime rate: 35.1
Propery crime rate: 1%

5. Milford
Residents: 15,700
Violent crime rate: 44.2
Propery crime rate: .09%

6. Hamburg
Residents: 21,100
Violent crime rate: 47
Propery crime rate: .05%

7. Bloomfield
Residents: 41,000
Violent crime rate: 53.2
Propery crime rate: 1%

8. Lincoln
Residents: 14,600
Violent crime rate: 54.4
Propery crime rate: 1.2%

9. West Bloomfield
Residents: 64,600
Violent crime rate: 55.3
Propery crime rate: 1%

10. Berkley
Residents: 14,900
Violent crime rate: 59.7
Propery crime rate: .08%

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11. Novi
Residents: 55,200
Violent crime rate: 66.5
Propery crime rate: 1.8%

12. Rochester
Residents: 106,700
Violent crime rate: 70.3
Propery crime rate: 1%

13. Troy
Residents: 80,900
Violent crime rate: 73.6
Propery crime rate: 2%

14. Northville
Residents: 28,400
Violent crime rate: 74.4
Propery crime rate: 1.1%

15. Grandville
Residents: 15,300
Violent crime rate: 77.2
Propery crime rate: 4.1%

16. Beverly Hills
Residents: 10,200
Violent crime rate: 77.4
Propery crime rate: 1%

17. White Lake
Residents: 30,000
Violent crime rate: 79.4
Propery crime rate: 1.4%

18. New Baltimore
Residents: 12,000
Violent crime rate: 82.6
Propery crime rate: .04%

19. Riverview
Residents: 12,400
Violent crime rate: 88.9
Propery crime rate: .07%

20. Midland
Residents: 41,800
Violent crime rate: 90.2
Propery crime rate: 1%

To see the full list, click here.

*Note: Rates are normalized per 100,000 residents with the state average being 427 for violent crime and 2,044 for property crime.  This is calculated by taking the number of crimes divided by the population, multiplied by 100,000.


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