Just when you thought Slurpees from 7-Eleven couldn’t get any better, the convenience store goes and introduces this: The Slurpee flavored donut.

It’s a fluffy cake donut with wild cherry-flavored icing, topped with crunchy sugar crystals and for just 99¢, the Wild Cherry Slurpee Donut can be all yours.

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For extra cherry madness, pair this donut with a Wild Cherry flavored Slurpee.

Review: Wild Cherry Slurpee Donut

There's even cherry chips baked into the donut. (credit: CBSDetroit.com)

There’s even cherry chips baked into the donut. (credit: CBSDetroit.com)

Appearance: I’m “this close” to saying it’s the prettiest donut I’ve ever seen. The frosting is more of a striking hot pink color, which you can see from across the store because it’s so bright. And the sugar crystals on top pick up the light like sequins. It was almost too pretty to eat — almost. You can tell the cherry flavor is literally baked into the donuts because there’s little cherry chips throughout the cake.

Aroma: Did I just die and go to cherry heaven? Because that’s what this donut smells like, like I’m swimming in a pool of cherries. But not the real kind, the artificial kind. You know the “fake cherry smell” I’m talking about. It’s the kind of smell that you can taste, and it’s delicious.

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Taste: It’s not nearly as refreshing as an actual Slurpee, but boy does it taste like cherry. Again, not the natural cherry taste but the artificial taste, that wild taste. The outside of the donut had a slight crisp and the inside was very soft. You could tell the icing was a bit dry, leading me to believe these might have been sitting around for a little while, but that didn’t distract from the taste at all. And those sugar crystals gave the entire thing a really nice crunch, kind of like when you get a nice frozen chunk in your Slurpee.

Pro: This donut delivers when it comes to cherry taste. Is it as good as a freshly baked donut straight from the bakery? No, but it’s close. And because the cherry flavor is so strong, it distracts from that “store bought” donut feeling. It’s so sweet you’re sure to get a sugar rush.

Cons: If it weren’t for the icing and sugar crystals, this donut would be pretty underwhelming. It also gets that stale taste and texture if you leave it out for a while, so these are best eaten immediately. It can also get a little messy with the sugar crystals falling off.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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