DETROIT (WWJ) – A prayer wall now stands outside of Saint John’s Episcopal Church in downtown Detroit and Sunday it was officially dedicated by Father Steven Kelly.

The first prayer was very timely.

“So we start off the season by praying for the Tigers. We’ll ask God’s blessing on their season on their employees and we’ll even pray for some victories even though I’m pretty sure God doesn’t take sides although I’d like to believe that he likes the Tigers more than the Yankees – I’m not going to go out on that limb, of course,” said Kelly.

Wall designer Gene Pluhar was approached by his neighbor and longtime Saint John’s Episcopal Church parishioner Joe Alff who was inspired by another wall in Illinois that resembled a prayer wall in Jerusalem.

“And so it had to be set up so that it was resilient to the elements … and each block is secured and should hold up under the elements,” said Pluhar.

The nine-foot wall is made of wood blocks. Fans can leave anonymous notes of well wishes as well as prayers in the wall that parishioners will pray over regularly.




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