DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s like a quick trip to the coldest place on earth and a growing number of athletes are swearing by it.

It’s a three-minute dip in a vat of nitrogen gas that is chilled to minus 260 degrees reports WWJ’s Sandra McNeill who can talk about cryotherapy first hand after minutes spent cooling in a container.

Former Lions team doctor, Sol Cogan, at CryoWellnessUSA says while not FDA approved – there’s a lot of European research on the benefits of cold.

“It’s not snake-oil,” he says. “Everybody knows that cold has been used for thousands of years to treat aches and pains and inflammation.”

“Your blood vessels constrict and force your blood to the vital organs – to your core, as it circulates it becomes oxygenated and nutrient dense,” says Cogan. “It has an anti-inflammatory effect which is really, really important. Everything anti-aging these days is about reducing inflammation.”

Chiropractor Tom Kopch is a believer.

“I’ve been in the chamber six times,” he says, “but after my first treatment I haven’t had pain since and I’m sleeping better, feeling better.”

Dr. Cogan says the weight loss comes with the increase in metabolism.

“I would say within the first six weeks I probably lost seven pounds.”

The therapy costs $75 a session and Cogan recommends every other day to start.


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