By: Evan Jankens

The kiss cam has become a feature at just about every major sporting event.

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Sometimes couple that appear on kiss cam are bashful and really don’t want to be shown on the big screen. Other times, they lean in with gusto.

There have been plenty of good examples of the good, the bad and the ugly in the past. There were the Spurs fans who appeared to be on a first date, fans spilling beer during their time to shine and then there are some fans who have been denied for a kiss, and you have to feel bad for them.

Which now brings me to what happened during the Thunder game on April 11. The kiss cam was going around the arena, couples were giving each other pecks, one lady kissed her kid.

Then it happened: When one guy thought he was going to kiss a very attractive girl to his right, instead she kissed the girl to her right.

Social media had quite the reaction.

Click HERE to watch the entire full length video.

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Whoever was running the camera for this shot definitely didn’t expect that kiss to happen as he quickly scanned off the two ladies. The reaction from the final couple in the video is about as funny as you could ask for.