DETROIT – While Pavel Datsyuk hasn’t officially announced that he’s retiring from the Red Wings, players and fans of the game aren’t shying away from saying goodbye.

Michael Grabner of the Toronto Maple Leafs telling Datsyuk ‘it was a pleasure to play against you.’

From the bar stools to the announcers booth — many think they’ve seen the Magic Man for the last time.

Fay Ferraro – game analyst and former NHL player:

Datsyuk has stated that he wants to return to Russia to be closer to family — we’ll know soon enough if this was the last time we’ve seen Pavel on home ice.



  1. fruscianteredwing says:

    One more thing, the 3 players that were used as our 2nd line for most of the year could all be gone next year…helm Richards datsyuk. Definitely needed the experience for Gus and Tatar. Season is over though and hopefully we learn from the mistakes this year.

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