By: Evan Jankens

Twitter is an odd place. I really enjoy reading what everyone has to say, checking out the photos and videos. One thing I usually don’t do is interact with people unless I know them.

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What positive comes from that? There are so many trolls out there and anyone and everyone can create a Twitter account without ever attaching their real name to it.

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond has been criticized all season long for his free throw shooting and he never backed away from it, admitting it’s a problem he needs to solve.

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One Twitter user names jPat, because you know, that’s his real name, decided to poke fun at Drummond for being knocked out of the NBA playoffs with a photo of Drummond from high school.

Drummond must have been bored and looked at his mentions, and this one must have got to him because he responded.

“When you still living hoop dreams, in the la fitness league…….. #GeorgiaHawks,” Drummond said on Twitter.

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I think it was a hilarious response from Drummond, but do you think athletes should refrain from responding to that haters?