By: Jeff Riger

Athletes have long memories. I remember once asking former Tiger Gary Sheffield who was pitching when he hit his first home run and he was able to recite the pitcher’s name, what kind of pitch it was and the date immediately.

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I was impressed. But what about games and series? Do players remember those so vividly? After all, these guys play so many over the course of their careers.

A couple years ago, I was able get that answer as I was able to speak Angels starting pitcher Jared Weaver about a game that had happened at least three years prior. Weaver not only remembered the game but he was able to recite just how he felt when Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Guillen took him deep and just what he was thinking when he decided to throw at the head of Alex Avila.

These guys are amazing! They don’t seem to forget anything.

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Monday afternoon, the Oakland Athletics were in town for a four game series and when I walked into the A’s clubhouse, I figured outfielder Josh Reddick would remember everything about their two playoff series with the Tigers, just like Sheffield and Weaver did about their moments.

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I asked Reddick about the back-to-back playoff series with the Tigers in 2012 and 2013 and he immediately said, “Verlander put it up our butts two years in a row!”

Now, that’s an interesting turn of phrase.

Listen to the interview as Reddick talks about still being mad at the fan in right field that he claims interfered with a home run.

He said he doesn’t hate any Tigers players, but his feelings about this particular fan that he thinks cost his team that one run are stronger.

“Rules are rules and I feel like he took the home run that I hit,” Reddick said. “But that’s not the one play that decides the whole series …It’s just one of those things that umpire’s discretion… It just goes to prove fans shouldn’t be allowed that close to the game.”

He added that he said to the fan: “Things that can’t be repeated on radio.”

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Reddick also weighed in on the performance of Verlander and his beliefs that the A’s should have at least one World Series ring from those teams that he played on back then.