By Terry Foster

I don’t get why so many of you are upset about the Red Wings naming their new arena Little Caesars Arena.

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What did you think they were going to call it? The Pizza Hut Dome?

This is business. The naming of the arena is about enhancing the brand of a company that Mike Ilitch owns. This will help his business. Calling it Steve Yzerman Arena, as some suggested, does not.

And wait? Didn’t Steve Yzerman just broom the Red Wings out of the playoffs for a second straight season? He is more enemy than friend until further notice.

The Red Wings were going to do one of two things. They were either going to take money from another company for naming rights or they were going to promote their brand. For instance there were rumors that Meijer wanted to buy into the naming rights and build a super store on the perimeter of Cork Town. That obviously did not happen.

Now this will help Little Caesars become a bigger national brand. It is something the Ilitch family has wanted for a while. That is why we had the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl at Ford Field. That is why we have the Quick Lanes Bowl at Ford Field because Ford Motor Company wanted to promote one of its brands.

Jamie and Wojo had a good time with finding a nickname for the new arena. Among their silly names was “The Oven”, Pizza, Pizza Arena, the Pizza-rena and “Hot and Ready Arena.”

We will find a nickname. We always do. By the way do you know why the Silverdome was called the Silverdome? They initially named it the Pontiac Metropolitan Dome. But everyone called it the Pon-Met, just as some call Comerica Park the CoPa.

By the way I want to give props to Jamie Samuelson who called it the Copa first. The rest of us copied from him.

Now do you want some goofy names?

Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. A minor league baseball stadium.

Save-on-Foods Memorial Stadium: home to two hockey teams in Victoria, B.C.

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KFC Yum! Center: University of Louisville basketball Coliseum: Home of the Oakland Raiders and A’s.

Candlestick/3Com/Monster Park: San Francisco 49ers

Wankdorf Center, in Bern Switzerland

Tony Macaroni Arena, Livingston

KitKat Cresent, York, Scotland

Cheaper Insurance Direct Stadium, Dumbarton Scotland

Hunky Dorys Park, Drogheda United

Middelfart Stadium, Denmark

Whataburger Field: Minor League Park in Corpus Christi, Texas

Little Caesars seems tame next to these names.

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I didn’t hear the same protest when they named Ford Field next to Comerica Park.