By: Evan Jankens

Even if you’re not a fan of the Kentucky Derby, I am willing to bet you’ve watched the race.

This year, fans of the Detroit Red Wings might want to watch a little more intently.

The favorite for this years Kentucky Derby, according to, is ‘Nyquist.’ That name might sound very familiar to you — or at least it should.

Nyquist is owned by J. Paul Reddam who is from Windsor, Ontario, and a huge fan of the NHL.

According to, Reddam named his horse after the Red Wings’ Gustav Nyquist.

“Nyquist is all class,” Reddam recently told CNBC’s Jessica Golden. “If you asked me to describe Nyquist the hockey player, he’s very classy, soft-spoken and plays the game at a high level.”

In this case, the name proved apt. Over the years, Reddam has named a number of his horses after Red Wings players – from Datsyuk, Lindstrom, and Zetterberg to Mrazek, Kronwall and Tatar. None, however, have turned out to be anywhere near as good as Nyquist.

Since the Red Wings have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Gustav Nyquist might just make it to Churchill Downs to root on Nyquist the horse. This will be the first time the two will be together.

“It’s a little different when you hear your name mentioned in a horse race and not a hockey game,” Nyquist recently told’s Paul Harris.