“Detox” may seem like a popular buzzword lately, but that’s because more and more people are discovering the benefits of clearing toxins from their bodies. A careful detox program, done under the guidance of a medical professional, can be just what your body needs for strong, healthy living. Read on to discover the ways detoxing could help you achieve your best body ever.

Clear Out Your Colon

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Detox proponents often tout the benefits that a detox program can have for your colon, and for good reason. The goal of detox is to get waste and toxins out of your body. A good program can help get your liver, colon and kidneys in tip-top shape so your body can clear out old buildup and continue to move out waste more efficiently. You’ll feel lighter, and you may even find that your breath is fresher. As an added benefit, waste materials can be heavy, so by clearing them out, you may notice the number on the scale moving downward.

Revitalize Your Skin

When your body is overloaded with toxins, your skin may pay the price. Toxins escaping the body through the skin can cause acne, body odor or premature aging. Fortunately, a good detox program can help clear up these issues. By the end of your program, you may find that you have a fresher scent and smoother, clearer skin.

It’s worth noting, however, that some people experience a worsening of skin issues before they see improvement. Increased acne and itchy skin may be the result when the detox starts to release toxins that have been accumulating in your body. It can be frustrating in the short-term, but keep your sights on the bigger picture: Soon you’ll be enjoying smooth, glowing skin.

Jumpstart Good Food Choices

There’s a good chance that you’ll lose weight on your detox diet. However, a detox is not a permanent weight loss solution. After the detox period, if you go right back to your usual ways of eating, you’ll gain those lost pounds right back.

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To achieve and maintain a healthy weight post-detox, let the program be the catalyst for good food choices. When on the detox, you will cut out processed foods, which are usually high in fat, sugar or salt. After the program, continue to keep these items out of your kitchen. Instead, stock your cabinets and refrigerator with lean proteins, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Raise Your Energy Levels

Feeling sluggish and worn down? Toxins in your system may be to blame, and a detox could be just the trick to increasing your energy levels. Digesting heavy, fatty foods can take a toll on your system. When you cut those out, you may get better sleep, feel more refreshed and have more stamina for the ins and outs of daily life.

As with your skin, your energy levels may first take a hit before getting better. The influx of released toxins may zap your vitality for a few days, but not for long. After the first days, that sluggish feeling will be replaced with a renewed vitality.

Focus Your Mind

The benefits of detox aren’t all physical. The good rest, increased energy and cleaner system that you get from a detox program can really improve your mental health as well. You will probably find that you are able to think more clearly, your memory is improved and you feel less stressed.

So if you’re wanting nothing less than the best for yourself, consider committing to a detox plan. From your head to your toes, you’ll start feeling all-around great, and those good vibes have the potential to work their way into every aspect of your life.

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