BROWNSTOWN TWP. (WWJ) – A 32-year-old man is hospitalized, but no charges have been filed, after what police say was a road rage stabbing Downriver.

Sgt. Bill Huddleston of Brownstown Township Police says they responded to multiple 911 calls, Wednesday afternoon, about two people fighting on the shoulder of I-75.

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The whole thing started, he said, with a case of road rage in northern Monroe County and continue for several miles into Wayne County. The two men did not know each other prior to the incident.

“Just somebody driving aggravated somebody else,” Huddleston told WWJ’s Zahra Huber. “The aggressive driving was described as cars driving side-by-side trying to move into the other lane and force the car either off the road or strike the car, high-speed passing and then changing lanes in front of the other vehicle and then apply thing breaks — trying to get somebody to hit them.”

When the 32-year-old driver finally pulled over — along northbound I-75, just north of Vreeland Road in Brownstown — the 55-year-old did the same.

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“He pulled over and was gonna, I guess, talk this out or whatever his intention was. And he walked up to the vehicle and a physical altercation, a fight actually started,” Huddleston said.

That’s when, as police believe he was assaulting the younger man still seated in his vehicle, the older man was stabbed.

A report was sent to prosecutors, but it was decided that no charges would be filed due to too many questions regarding the initial physical aggressor, mutual combat and self-defense.

The victim was last reported in stable condition.

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The stabber was taken into custody and released.