By: Sara

If you learn one thing today, it should be that you DO NOT cross KRON 4 sports anchor Gary Radnich! Gary took things from zero to beyond awkward when he realized that news anchor Catherine Heenan had already read a story about “Space Jam 2”. Instead of just ending his sportscast before the “Space Jam” story, Radnich made a show of starting the story and then leveling his co-worker with a look of maximum stink eye.

Catherine realized her mistake and thought the show would just keep moving along, but Gary was SO not done with her. This guy launched into angry speech that questioned their years of working together, her friendship with his mom, and the integrity of the station. You would have thought Catherine was taking food out of the mouths of his children, and not just reading a “Space Jam 2” story given to her by the producers.

Stay in your lane, Catherine! Gary (according to him) would NEVER have done this to you!

Click HERE for the video.

You stay classy, San Francisco!