L) Simon Pagenaud (WWJ/Sandra McNeill)

C) Simon Pagenaud (WWJ/Sandra McNeill)

DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s where the rubber meets the road and regardless of the temps outside it’s always hotter inside the race cars at Detroit’s Grand Prix.

Tuesday held an opportunity for reporters to take a ‘hot lap’ on Belle Isle where the race will be taking place the weekend of June 3-5.

“What’s the key to taking the turns like this?” asked WWJ’s Sandra McNeill.

“It’s all about balance,” said French driver Simon Pagenaud in a Chevy SS. “Balancing the car …”

Going speeds as fast as 120 mph on the track with tires squealing around the turns — adrenaline was pumping.

The hot lap gives reporters a first-hand glimpse of racing from inside the car and drivers a glimpse of the course ahead of the race.

“Bumpy …. and the walls are very close to each other, when you are driving — on the ragged edge all the time … we brake very late, we corner very fast, there is no extra time for breathing,” said Pagenaud.

“We’ve been pretty hot lately — we have two second place and three wins in a row, so we are leading the championship by quite a few.”

“I’m ready for this. I’m ready for Detroit the week after,” he said.

Get all the information about the Detroit Grand Prix [here].


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