TROY (WWJ) – An Oakland County neighborhood is concerned after two children say a man exposed himself as they walked home from school.

The alleged incident happened Monday afternoon near Waas Elementary School in Troy. Two girls were walking near Duke and Crowfoot streets when a man in a white, four-door car allegedly exposed himself. The kids went home and told their parents, who called police.

Teacher Betsy Murphy said the school was alerted by the district and reminded to let students know how to respond if they are confronted by strangers.

“We talk to them several times throughout the year, but this is another reminder to make sure our kids are aware,” Murphy told WWJ’s Ron Dewey. “Those children did exactly the right thing, so we make sure we reinforce that so our kids stay safe.”

Murphy, who has also lived in Troy for 25 years, said the incident has had an effect on the whole community.

“It’s really upsetting. It’s unnerving for everyone, because you worry about the safety of children no matter whether you’re a parent or you’re a neighbor of children or you’re a grandparent,” she said. “You know, that’s our prime goal, is to keep our children safe and happy.”

Parent Romeo Trinidad said he drives his son to and from school instead of letting him walk with friends.

“For me, I pick him up every day. If I am late, I make sure that he’s on campus ground and make sure that there’s a lot of people there, especially the staff,” said Trinidad. “He has to go to the flagpole inside campus and wait for me. That’s where I pick him up when I am late but otherwise, no walking around outside campus.”

Police say they will have extra patrols around the school over the next few days to ensure student safety.

Anyone who might have information on the incident or the suspect is urged to contact police at 248-524-3477.


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