TROY (WWJ) – A massive swarm of honeybees was saved thanks to a thoughtful response by police in Troy.

A business at the strip mall near the northwest corner of John R and Big Beaver Road contacted police on Wednesday to report an issue with bees.

Officers arrived on the scene and discovered a massive swarm of honeybees clumped in a small tree. On top of thousands of bees buzzing around, police say heavy pedestrian traffic was passing back and forth near the swarm, creating a hazard.

“Officers recognized that the honeybee population is dwindling and, in lieu of contacting an exterminator, contacted the Southeast Michigan Beekeepers Association,” police said in a Facebook post.

A beekeeper arrived on the scene and safely captured the entire swarm alive. Approximately eight pounds of bees were collected, which is equivalent to more than 10,000 bees.

The bees will now be relocated to a honeybee farm in Clarkston.


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