Detroit had an awesome cameo in one of the biggest movies of all-time and if you blink, you probably missed it.

This went around a few weeks ago, but thanks to Detroit Red Wings’ Johan Franzen’s Instagram account — it’s gaining new attention.

While there’s nothing official on IMDB about “Deadpool” having filming locations in Detroit, there are a few unmistakable landmarks in a particular driving scene. Watch the entire Deadpool Taxi Scene(Warning NSFW language)

This article explains how the visual effects people pulled off some of the most technical sequences of the film including the driving scenes that used shots from Detroit. Joe Louis Arena, the People Mover track, and elevated walkways are seen in a blur from the cab.


The R-rated and ultra violent movie had jokes for just about any topic you can think of. There’s even a shot at the Motor City. “I want to live to 102 and die. Like the city of Detroit,” said the wisecracking anti-superhero.

The comic book movie has raked in close to 800 million worldwide and broke many box office records.


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