By: Evan Jankens

There are certain things in this world I just wouldn’t do. I wouldn’t want to play Michael Jordan one-on-one or race a cheetah. I would never get involved in a land war in Asia, get into a battle of wits with a Sicilian when death is on the line (as all “Princess Bride” fans know) — and I definitely wouldn’t want to rap battle against Eminem.

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Rapper, actor and America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon must not have the same beliefs as me.

Nick Cannon released his self titled rap album back in 2003 and even dropped some bars for the soundtrack of the movie ‘Chiraq’ earlier this year. Other than that he really hasn’t been doing too much musically until now.

A rap battle with Eminem? Hopefully his first lyrics will be “shut up and take my money.”

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According to E Online, Nick Cannon is challenging Eminem to a rap battle, winner takes $100,000.

Note this is the man who wrote “My Rib,” which has the lyrics: “Uh can I ball? yeah can I ball? uh can I ball?” With game like this, he wants to challenge the guy who wrote “Stan?”

Maybe Cannon is still obsessed about that time Eminem called him and his former wife Mariah Carey out in the track “The Warning.”

“I’m still ready! I’m trying to find him. Where is he?” Cannon said in an interview Tim Westwood. “We gonna be out in the States for the BET Awards. I’m holding a $100,000 battle—whoever wants it—but it has to be someone who can put up 100 grand … I done reached out to Tyga, he didn’t want it. I went to all Slaughterhouse. I did it like Mortal Kombat. I said I’ll take all of them out to get to the boss.”

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The BET awards are still weeks away, I don’t see anyway possible that Slim Shady would accept the challenge? What does Eminem have to gain? He’s known as one of the greatest rap artists of all-time. Having said that, I would still love to see this, would you?