DETROIT (WWJ) – Chaos Monday morning outside a west-side home where three men, including a teen, were shot dead as gun violence in Detroit continues to rise.

“This is a known narcotics location – we’ve raided it twice, I believe, in the last month … but right now we have three black males all deceased,” said Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt.

At one point Michigan State Police had to assist Detroit police in crowd control as hundreds gathered in the early stages of the investigation.

Authorities tell WWJ’s Charlie Langton that they have raided the home twice recently and that the killings may have been a targeted hit.

Dolunt says neighbors reported hearing shots around five o’clock Monday morning at a home on Brace Street near Warren and Southfield roads.

The mother of one of those killed said this is “not a drug related” incident. Angela Owens-Brown says her 25-year-old son was killed in the house along with two others. Says she has 12 kids and seven have been killed through violence. She says her son, who was killed, has five kids under the age of seven.

“My son is dead, can’t nobody bring him back,” said Owens-Brown. “My son’s got five little kids from the age of one to seven. How’s we going to explain to them ‘your daddy is dead cause he’s trying to stop somebody else’s problem.”

“It was not a drug related incident – it was not drugs nor a gang – that is my child. It was not, I repeat, not a drug nor a vicious, malicious gang crime or none of that,” said Owens-Brown.

“The friend’s brothers are going home to get guns right now – the police better do something or else I’m going to take the law into my hands,” she said.

Police continue to search for the suspect(s) involved in the murders.



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