"When you can have a gun that carries more ammunition than I can carry as a police officer, it becomes ridiculous."

TROY (CBS Detroit) – Four men were arrested they were spotted waving firearms around in a car on I-75 in Oakland County.

Troy police were called to southbound I-75 near Crooks Road, at 8:20 p.m. last Saturday, about occupants of a vehicle seen brandishing multiple guns.

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A passing motorist reported that the driver of a red Ford Edge had a gun in each hand and was pointing them out the front window, and that a passenger in the same car was pointing an assault-type rifle.

Officers found the car and pulled the driver over. Inside, police found four men — all Flint residents — along with four guns and 134 rounds of ammunition.

In the passenger compartment of the vehicle, according to police, was a Glock 17 handgun with a 30 round magazine, a Ruger SR9c pistol, a Draco 39 mm pistol with a drum barrel containing 59 rounds of ammunition and another Draco 39 mm pistol with a 30 round magazine, along with additional ammunition.

Officers also found an open bottle of vodka and “evidence of recent marijuana use.”

All four men were arrested but were released after investigators found that all of the guns were properly registered and two of the occupants were Concealed Pistol License (CPL) holders.

Troy Police Capt. Robert Redmond says it’s unclear at this time if the men were pointing the guns at anyone. That, of course, would be illegal.

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“But at this point there is no victim,” he told CBS Detroit. “That’s why we’re looking for another witness.”

Redmond said they’re still working on a write-up for prosecutors who will determine what charges, if any, are appropriate in this case.

He said he’s frustrated that this type of behavior could be considered legal.

“Why do you have to — if you’re driving your car down the road — why is it necessary to show people that you have it? What’s the point? What point are you trying to make?” Redmond said. “Should it be legal, and is it legal?”

While Redmond stressed that he said supports legal gun ownership, he said he does have concerns about the ramifications of open carry. He thinks the law needs to be reconsidered.

“It’s ridiculous,” Redmond said. “When you can have a gun that carries more ammunition than I can carry as a police officer, it becomes ridiculous.”

Troy police say this incident serves as “a brazen example of irresponsible gun ownership,” and they’re urging all gun owners to carefully evaluate their behavior when in possession of a weapon. Police say gun owners should note that the behaviors of brandishing a weapon or simply possessing a weapon while consuming alcohol and/or drugs is illegal.

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As an investigation into Saturday’s incident on I-75 continues, witnesses are asked to call Troy police at 248-524-3477.