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Perfectly toned bikini bodies don’t come naturally. Even celebrities have to pay careful attention to their physique, and their fitness secrets can help anybody get beach-ready.

Miranda Lambert

Making balanced food choices and increasing her exercise level has helped country star Miranda Lambert safely lose over 40 pounds in three years. Instead of keeping junk food on hand, she now relies on sensible snack options like fresh fruit and nuts. She doesn’t care much for vegetables, so she gets her greens through a glass of veggie-rich juice every day.

With a trainer’s help, Lambert regularly engages in a number of traditional exercises such as doing cardio workouts and using resistance bands. One of her favorite approaches to fitness is not so traditional, however: She’s discovered that horseback riding is not just fun, but also an incredible full-body workout.

Kim Kardashian

During her 2015 pregnancy, Kim Kardashian gained about 60 pounds. Since then, she’s dropped the baby weight and is working on bringing the scale’s readout down even lower. Her goal is to get back to what she weighed before either of her kids were born.

A spokesperson for the Atkins plan, Kardashian eats about 1,800 calories a day and makes sure her food choices are low in carbohydrates and high in protein, such as cheese and vegetables. She also has a personal trainer, who makes sure she doesn’t slack off when it comes to fitness. She gets going early each morning to begin her intense routine of sprints, planks and other body-shaping exercises.

Kelly Osbourne

Reality star Kelly Osbourne’s stint on “Dancing with the Stars” forced her to adopt new healthy habits. Pizza and junk food didn’t give her body the proper fuel it needed for intense workouts and dance routines. Thanks to her dance partner’s advice, she learned to trade in greasy food for healthier turkey burgers and vegetables. By the end of the show, she’d lost 20 pounds.

Soon, however, the pounds began to return, so Osbourne decided she’d better commit to shaping up once and for all. To prep her body for serious workouts, she started taking regular hikes until she was ready to tackle the gym.

Most important to her progress was the mental shift that came from investing in clothes and makeup that helped her learn to love her own reflection. The more comfortable Osbourne was in her own body, the more confidence she had to face the rigors of the gym.

Nowadays, Osboune is happy with her weight, so she maintains it by working out and eating sensibly. But also gives herself leeway to indulge now and then.

Jessica Simpson

After having babies in both 2012 and 2013, Jessica Simpson was determined not just to lose her pregnancy weight, but also to keep it off. Thanks to a strict regimen of exercise and careful eating, she’s managed to do just that.

Simpson works out with a trainer, some days doing cardio only, and other days doing both strength training and cardio. She’s also a walker and makes sure to get in thousands of steps every day.

Healthy eating has also played a significant role in Simpson’s weight loss. She builds her meals around low-protein and fresh veggies, and she’s even provided endorsements for the Weight Watchers program. She makes lunch her most filling meal and chooses healthy afternoon snacks to keep her satisfied all day long.

Jaimie Alexander

For Jaimie Alexander, landing a role in “Thor” was both an incredible opportunity and a wake up call. Alexander realized that she needed to drop pounds and get in shape to be ready for her part, so boxing became a regular part of her daily routine. She not only became toned and muscular, but also lost 20 pounds.

These days, the foundation of Alexander’s diet is a green shake every morning, a whole lot of vegetables and a little bit of fish. But because she doesn’t shy away from tough workouts, she has no qualms about indulging in treats now and then. Swimming and jumping rope are a few of her favorite exercises, and she’s a big fan of interval training, too.

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