By: Evan Jankens

When it comes to the summer Olympics, I will watch just about any event and enjoy it.

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One event that I like watching — but really have no idea about the rules — has to be diving. I think it’s so amazing how these athletes can dive into the pool and not make a splash. The only way I even know how to dive into the pool is a cannon ball and I’m pretty sure I would lose fast.

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Kassidy Cook on the other hand is an expert when it comes to diving. Cook, who is a diver at Stanford, is also a member of the USA Diving team.

Cook almost made the Olympic team when she was 17 back in 2012 but she thinks she is better now according to USA Today Sports.

The performance in Rio also proved to Cook that the work she’s been putting in with coach Ken Armstrong at The Woodlands Diving Academy in Texas is paying off.

“One of my biggest fears was that I was never going to be as good as I was when I was a teenager,” she said. “But I’d actually say after all this training, I’ve been doing better than I was. I’m so thrilled because always having that thought in the back of your mind it was a little scary. But now I’ve surpassed that and I think that I’m a better diver than I was.”

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All eyes will be on the 21-year-old diver when the Olympic games start in Rio.