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With the first nominations set, Nicole has drawn the line between the veterans and the newbies. If the new houseguests were smart the first week of the game is all about their social game skills. This is because they’re still all getting to know each other and if you make the wrong association or say the wrong thing, they could see themselves up for evictions. New alliances were formed, a new competition announced and Category 4’s punishment from Mysteryland is revealed. Here’s my recap from last night’s episode.

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Jozea Loud Mouth

A very confident Jozea is not worried about being nominated because he believes he’s the “life” of the Big Brother house. His number one target has been Nicole since the twist of returning houseguests was revealed. I find it hilarious that his goal is to get the HOH out of the house even though he’s not in power and he’s on the block. It will be a rude awakening if he gets evicted this week. However a new twist was soon to be revealed to the houseguests and the viewers.

The BB Roadkill Competition

Nicole gathered the houseguests to announce a new competition. The “BB Roadkill Competition” is where all the houseguests would compete and the winner of the competition would then secretly nominate a third nominee for eviction. The winner would also be able to nominate from his or her own team. All of this can be done anonymously or the winner could reveal himself or herself. This new twist definitely is a revamp of BB MVP as well as Battle of the Block and I am excited about this because it’s a twist that really makes all the houseguests work even harder to ensure their safety in the house. With the twist revealed, it gave Jozea an exciting new hope that he’ll be safe this week because his possible votes against him would get even smaller. Meanwhile for the vets it seems for them that with this twist, they’ll need to win it to ensure their safety in the Big Brother house.

The competition consisted of a RV that would arrive each week for the houseguests to compete in it for the new power. This week, the houseguests had to strip their clothes all while holding down three buttons, if they let go of a button or all the buttons their time would increase. The houseguest with the quickest time would win the new power. Some of the houseguest seemed to do well in this competition due to their height, while others may have had some difficulty trying to hold all three buttons and removing articles of clothing. Once the competition was complete, each of the houseguests all opened up their individual bait box to see if they had won. Frank, Jozea, Paul and Paulie were confident in their times, however only won of them could win. With a double take to look inside their box, Frank won the competition, securing the veterans were safe for week one and that a newbie would be going on the block.

New Alliances Revealed

Da’Vonne has been working hard to secure her safety in the house as well as make sure the veterans were safe as well. Mama Day’s goal was to put the numbers to the veterans’ side by recruiting some of the newbies. She had already pulled, Tiffany and was hoping to get Zakiyah and Michelle on their side. Surprisingly it didn’t take much convincing from either Zakiyah or Michelle to agree to this. Zakiyah realized that her fellow new houseguests were not playing the game as good as the veterans and wants to ensure her own safety in the game. While Michelle was on board when it was announced that returning houseguests would be coming back because she was a fan of them and know they would be loyal. With the two additional ladies secure, it was a matter of getting the newbies and veterans all together to solidify the alliance. The “8 Pack,” alliance was formed and consists of the veterans, Da’Vonne, Frank, James and Nicole as well as the newbies, Corey, Michelle, Tiffany and Zakiyah. I was surprised that they didn’t loop in Paulie, since it seemed the veterans wanted to work with Cody’s older brother. This seems to be a solid alliance but Mama Day seems to be working really hard to ensure her safety. Though it is only the first week, she’s definitely using her social skills to gain the trusts of new houseguests and her loyalty to the veterans.

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Meanwhile, Natalie had stated even before the game had started that she wanted to form a female alliance. After forming bonds with Bridgette and Bronte, she wanted to make it official. Natalie, Bridgette and Bronte formed the “Spy Girl,” alliance in the backyard with each having a their own unique name in the group. Natalie is Flirty Spy, where she’ll flirt with the houseguests to do what it takes to stay in the game. Bronte is Wifey Spy, being the “happy wife, happy life,” mantra to get herself to the half million dollar prize. Lastly, Bridgette is “Spunky Spy,” because she a mix of sugar and spice but won’t be nice when evicting the other houseguests. The only downside to this all girl alliance is that they formed it while Tiffany was in the hammock in the backyard as well overhearing their conversation. So we’ll see if Tiffany brings up the “Spy Alliance,” to the 8 Pack alliance in a future episode.

The Mysteryland Punishment

On the first day, Category4 was the second team to fall off the first competition and was awarded the “Mysteryland,” prize that was a punishment. However for some of the houseguests it was a punishment for others it was deemed as a prize. Bridgette, Frank, Michelle and Paulie all went into the diary room to receive their punishment. Category 4 would have to where a pixilated outfit for one week, giving the illusion that they were only going to be nude. For Frank and Paulie, this wasn’t really a punishment as they’re use to only being in shorts, while Michelle saw this as a punishment because she had some really bad sunburns and wouldn’t be able to cover her skin up.

BB Roadkill Nomination

After winning the BB Roadkill competition Frank, kept his win under wraps very well only revealing it to some of his 8-pack alliance. While the other houseguests tried to figure out who could have won it. Jozea was confident during a conversation in the African Safari room with Bronte, Paul that Paulie had won but was not revealing it and could tell he won because Jozea could read him as Paulie was in the room saying truthfully that he did not win. The paranoia has already sunk in and Frank walked in the conversation to hear Jozea’s claim as Paulie had stepped out of the room. The real questions Jozea should have thought was, “who would Paulie nominate?”

At the BB Roadkill nomination ceremony, it was revealed that Paul was the third houseguest nominated for eviction by the new secret power. Even though he avoided being nominated by Nicole, Frank to the opportunity to nominate him to ensure Jozea would be going home and have less chances at other houseguests using the POV on him. Frank was considering putting up Bridgette because he wanted to have a weaker player play in the competition. His 8 Pack alliance convinced him that Paul would be the better choice, because it would give Jozea less of a chance to win having two other physically strong male players competition for the POV against him.

Prediction for POV

For the POV, it will look to have now eight houseguests competing for the POV, with Nicole as reigning HOH competition with the three nominees, Jozea, Paulie and now Paul. The four other houseguests will be selected at random draw and I predict it won’t make a difference because the three nominees will be battling to secure their safety on week one. I predict that Paul, being blindsided by the BB Roadkill nomination will have determination to win this POV keeping himself safe. Meaning another houseguest would be put in his place when he uses the POV on himself. Which in this case if he does, then I could see Bridgette going up as another pawn to make sure Jozea goes home. Tune in on Wednesday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see who wins the POV and whether or not it will be used to save on of the three nominated houseguests!

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