DETROIT (WWJ) — TechTown is looking for aspiring business owners who are tough enough to endure “boot camp.”

The Detroit business incubator is taking applications for the next several weeks looking for companies that are ready to set up shop in the city.

Spokeswoman Kristin Palm says the process is competitive and those who already have their business plan in motion will likely make the cut.

“No matter what the business is you’re going to have to get a lease or purchase,” Palm said. “You’re going to have to get an architect and renovate that space, you’re going to have to navigate the permitting process, you’re going to have to do marketing, you’re going to have to do social media, you’re going to have to have a brand.”

The boot camp is eight intensive weeks of learning how to navigate all the retailing red tape. Palm says the $500 fee for the course will pay big dividends once a store is running.

“If you’re at the point where you wish you had your own store, you’re still developing that idea, we have programs for you at TechTown as well — the opposite of an obstacle course,” Palm said. “We’re going to help you navigate some of those challenges that you do face and make it a much more clear path.”

Sessions will be held at Mash Detroit on Mack Ave on Wednesday, June 29 and at Always Brewing Detroit on Grand River Avenue on Thursday, June 30. For more information, visit TechTown’s website HERE.


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