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The Michigan folks are doing well for the first week. Nicole is currently HOH and Michelle is a part of the veteran alliance known as the 8-pack with Da’Vonne, Frank, James, Corey, Tiffany, Zakiyah and Nicole. But with success there are also some failures. Jozea is failing to realize how bad he’s playing the game. Even though he considers himself the “king” of the Big Brother house and thinks he’s succeeding. It’s fascinating how these new houseguests don’t realize history repeating itself with loud mouth players always getting sent packing early. Da’Vonne finally got the message and this episode did a lot of biting her tongue. Here’s my recap of last night’s episode!

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Who’s aligned with who?

After the BB Roadkill Nomination Ceremony, it was a witch-hunt for the newbies to figure out who nominated Paul for eviction. Jozea was confident that it was Paulie, however through his observations he now suspects Michelle was the winner. Meanwhile Paul & Victor were concerned with Bridgette getting close to Paulie because for most of the newbies they want to evict him. The Spy Girls are trying to figure out where the “numbers are,” as Bronte would say. Unfortunately for these girls they’re on the wrong side. I just hope they’ll get their act together and start playing the game. I commend the veterans in playing along with Jozea’s accusations and just listening to him. If only Jozea got the memo about listening more than you speak.

Bad To The Bone

For the POV competition, only two additional houseguests were selected at random draw but the HOH. If the HOH selected either their name or one of the three nominees they would get to choose someone to complete in the competition. Jozea was hoping for Nicole to pull Victor’s name out of the box, while Nicole was trying not to pull Victor’s name or any other the nominee’s. The first person selected was Da’Vonne. Then Nicole draws her own name and selects Corey. Which was no surprise to Paul and as he confessed in the Diary Room (DR), Corey has been pretty much attached to Nicole as well as being team members of Team Freakazoid.

The “Dizzy Dog,” competition was simple stack 40 doggy treats without touching the ground all while keeping a 45 second timer going after spinning 15 times chasing their tail. For Corey and Nicole they seemed to not be able to hold their balance. For the three nominees’ it was eye on the prize for POV. Jozea didn’t have a stable foundation to stack his treats, while Paul and Paulie were neck and neck. Da’Vonne had a good lead, up until her doggy treats came tumbling down. Paul and Paulie had different strategies in stacking. In the end the heavy metal beard guy, Paul stacked his way to victory, securing his safety and putting the pressure back on whoever was the BB Roadkill winner to nominate a replacement nominee.

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Jozea Calls A House Meeting

With Paul winning the POV, Jozea was all smiles and confident in his plan in getting Paulie evicted on Thursday. While Paulie is hoping the veterans stick to their word in protecting him and evicting Jozea. Bridgette however is really nervous about who will be the replacement nominee because the pool is only down to herself, Frank, Da’Vonne, Michelle and Zakiyah. Tiffany reveals to another houseguests this time Paulie that she is last season’s third place finisher Vanessa. She reveals this to ensure safety for herself as well as build a trust with for future game play.

The person who holds all the power is the BB Roadkill winner, which is Frank. Jozea trusts Frank and let’s him know that he’s a “messiah,” as well as the favorite houseguest. It will be an interesting eviction night to see what happens. But before that happens, self-proclaimed leader Jozea calls for a house meeting with his “crew,” to make sure Paulie is the one everyone is voting for eviction. Meanwhile the Spy Girls, Bronte and Tiffany tell Bridgette to “infiltrate,” the HOH room to chat with the other houseguests. Which was revealed during Jozea’s house meeting with Da’Vonne and Zakiyah taking note.

For a newbie, Jozea should have taken a hint from his favorite player season 16, Frankie Grande; when you’re feeling confident you should be concerned about your safety in the Big Brother House. However Jozea has tunnel vision and even Paulie tried to confront him about the house meeting he held. Jozea just kept denying and lying to Paulie’s face. In the end, Paul used the POV on himself and Frank decided to put up his own Category 4 teammate Bridgette up for eviction.

Prediction for Eviction & HOH/Team Winners

Its pretty clear Jozea is completely clueless that the 8-pack alliance is in control and will be voting him out the door. Bridgette will most likely receive no votes against her, leaving the votes split between Paulie and Jozea. I predict the votes to go 7-4 with Jozea getting sent packing. With power up for grabs for next week, I believe Team Unicorn will get into power with Victor being the sole HOH. Which could possibly shift the power as well as see some sleuthing from the newbies. Also it’s important to not that Glenn has not been back to the “real world,” and is most likely in sequester, which we can expect a possible twist with a returning evicted houseguest getting the opportunity to return to the game. But first, we’ll have to tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit to see whether Bridgette, Jozea or Paulie gets evicted and who becomes the next HOH!

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.