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Bridgette, Jozea and Paulie all found themselves on the chopping block for the first week of eviction. The veterans proved to be a force to be reckoned with against the newbies. They formed a powerful alliance called the “8 Pack,” which consisted of four newbies with the four returners. For the first week they ran the house, but Jozea thinks the newbies are running the house because they’re the majority. Here’s my recap on last night’s first live eviction episode.

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Securing the votes

Jozea confident in having all the votes to evict Paulie, his alliance members Victor and Paul tell him he should be friendly with the HOH just in case there is a tie. Nicole was not buying what Jozea was selling and found it hilarious he’s trying to make amends when he’s been gunning for her since the first day. Meanwhile the Spy Girl Alliance were all nervous that nobody was coming up to them to secure their votes. Which concerned Bronte because if her and her alliance were part of the minority then it would show how much of a threat the other side of the house was. It was mentioned to Nicole that Bridgette was sent up to spy on them during the house meeting and it was a surprise to Nicole that Bridgette would be a spy. It slowly was putting a bigger target on Bridgette even though she’s suppose to be a pawn like Paulie to ensure Jozea would be voted out.

Tensions are high

For the first week, James mentions in the DR that this season the personalities are clashing which is causing possible fights to happen sooner rather than later. Natalie is over Victor’s nagging and complaining. She starts to vent with Bridgette, Bronte, Michelle, Tiffany and James. When Paul comes in to check on the girls, James says they’re having “Girl talk,” and Paul gets upset from the comment. Bronte tries to defuse the situation, but Paul was not having it and Jozea tried to also calm things down. Bridgette however was keen in reminding her allies to not underestimate Nicole’s friendly demeanor because she won’t be afraid to stab someone in the back. This of course gets back to Nicole and her alliance it’s quite amusing to see how little things start to blow up but being locked in a house with 14 other people can start to drive some crazy.

Goodbye Jozea & Welcome a New Twist

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By a vote of 7-4-0, Jozea Flores the 25 year-old make up artist from Los Angeles, CA was evicted from the Big Brother house. His exit from the house was surprisingly quite as he only hugged his fellow houseguests and ran straight to Julie Chen for his post-eviction interview. Even during his interview he was still under the impressions he knew how the other houseguests were playing and that the votes were personal than strategic. But another new twist was introduced to Jozea that could see him coming back into the Big Brother house called “The Battle Back.” This new twists consists of the first five evicted houseguests competing against each other to earn their shot to go back into the game. Since Glenn was evicted on Day One, that would mean Jozea and Glenn would be the first two to compete. The winner would then face the third evicted houseguests and this will go until most likely in week 5, they’ll welcome back the winner after evicting the sixth houseguest. So we can either expect Jozea next week or my prediction Glenn will defeat Jozea and we’ll see Glenn next week to compete against the next evicted houseguest.

Top Three Houseguests this week

  1. Nicole – With a much more clear head this season, she’s used her social skills to form alliances and was HOH this week to earn the top houseguest in my list this week.
  2. Frank – Winning the first BB Roadkill competition, being able to nominate a houseguest anonymously and not be revealed, proves this veteran has learned from his past mistakes and is determined to win.
  3. Paul – Though he was nominated for eviction, he was able to win the POV and get himself off the block. Though he may be on the losing side of the house, he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Bottom Three Houseguests this week

  1. Bridgette – Being a replacement nominee and upsetting the HOH is not a great combination to be in. Though she did escape eviction with no votes against her.
  2. Natalie – Forming an all girl alliance is great, but having someone overhearing it isn’t the best move. Also falling off during the HOH competition is smart however eliminating themselves quickly can show how weak of a player they may be.
  3. Bronte – Her math skills are definitely being put to work. But she’s on the losing side because of her lack of awareness of where the power actually is and not building better relationships with the veterans.

Prediction for HOH, BB Roadkill & Nominations

With the teams being introduced, even though Nicole was HOH this past week, her Freakazoid team members are still eligible to be HOH and if they win could also ensure Nicole safety for the week. But as I predicted yesterday, I think Victor or possibly Paul may win this upcoming week’s HOH. I also would like to see the power shift, though I won’t be surprised if Paulie makes an effort to win the HOH after being put on the chopping block. As for the Roadkill Competition it’s anyone’s to win but I’m going to guess it might be a mental challenge and if it is then my prediction is for Bronte to win it, which would in turn mean a veteran would be nominated. As far as nominations if a veteran wins HOH or anyone from the “8 pack” alliance then newbies will be on the chopping block. Tune in on Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see who wins HOH, BB Roadkill and who the HOH as well as the BB Roadkill winner nominate for eviction!

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.