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Congratulations to our fellow Michigander Big Brother season 10 winner and season 14 runner up Dan Gheesling on the birth of his son this past weekend. But first, the self-proclaimed “messiah,” Jozea was evicted from the Big Brother house and it was time to crown a new HOH. Victor, Natalie, Bronte and Paul were on the opposing side of votes; now need to win HOH to ensure their safety. The 8 Pack Alliance got their first target out the house and now looking to get their next target out. More tears were shown during the diary room. The second BB Roadkill competition and all three nominations were announced. Here’s my recap Sunday’s episode.

A Berry Excited Paulie

Now that our Michigander Nicole’s week of HOH complete, a new HOH was up for grabs. The competition was a course in which the houseguests had to walk across to retrieve berries. The course had two paths, a slow and safe or a thin and short route. All houseguests were competing with their teams, which meant Team Freakazoids could still compete even though one of them was already HOH. Nearing the end of the competition it was down to Category 4 and Team Unicorn. Big Sister was going slow and steady but just couldn’t catch up to the other teams. Which made Paul upset that his teammates Zakiyah and Da’Vonne were going so slow. When Team Unicorn was getting close to winning, James decides to throw the competition and hinder his team’s chances. With his fall it gave Category 4 the opportunity to win. In grabbing the final berry, Category 4 decided to let Paulie have HOH for the upcoming week.

Paulie’s Target For The Week

With Paulie now in power, the four houseguests who voted him out last week were scrambling to figure out how to stay safe. Paul was not sure who had betrayed them but Bronte was confident that Zakiyah and Da’Vonne were the ones who had flipped. Leaving herself, Paul, Victor and Natalie vulnerable to the other side of the house. The 8 pack’s next target was Victor and it so happens to be Paulie’s as well. Even though he’s not a part of the alliance he’s aligned with Frank who is. For Frank, having Paulie in power to do his alliance’s bidding and not getting “blood on his hands,” shows his social game abilities. Victor being the target, Paulie was not sure whether or not to nominate Victor or leave him as a backdoor option and went to talk to Victor’s ally Paul about who his target was. Paul agreed to help Paulie in whatever strategy he was going for as long as he was safe, even if it meant having another one of his allies being sent out the door. During the nomination ceremony, Paulie put up Paul and Bronte up for eviction. This didn’t surprise either Paul or Bronte since they both the previous week tried to vote Paulie out. The BB Roadkill competition coming up, both sides of the house were vying to win. With the 8 pack alliance trying to put Victor up for nomination, while Victor and his allies trying to ensure their own safety of not being put up as the third nominee.

The BB RV Returns

Instead of taking their clothes off like last week, this week’s BB Roadkill competition was mental competition. The houseguests had to add up six items to equal $18 exact then hit the buzzer to complete their time and the person with the fastest time would be able to nominate the third houseguest for eviction. Looking to make a repeat win, Frank was determined to do well in the competition. Other houseguests fumbled trying to add items up. The mathematician Bronte and math teacher Tiffany looked to get frazzled with all the numbers. Victor knowing he needed to step up his game used his finance degree knowledge to try to get the fastest time. Once all the houseguests completed the competition, they all went to their tackle boxes to see if they had won. Frank was feeling confident that he would get a second win under his belt opened his tackle box to see he had lost. Victor however opened his to see winner, giving him the power to nominate the third houseguest.

Victor Tries To Make A Move

Having won the BB Roadkill competition, Victor now had to decide who to nominate as the third nominee. I was really impressed that Victor didn’t celebrate his win when finding out but that impression changed immediately when he went and told Paulie in the storage room. Victor was doing this in hopes of making amends. Unfortunately for him it gave Paulie even more reason to get him sent out the door. Victor had told Frank and then Paul about his victory. Paul warned Victor to be cautious about who he tells his victory, even though Paul knows Victor is their target and doesn’t want to get the target moved to him. Paul did tell Victor that he should rally the guys in making sure this week a girl goes home, before they start to realize they should all join forces to get the boys out of the house. Little do Paul and Victor know that there are already two female alliances in the house, the Spy Girls (Bridgette, Bronte and Natalie) and the Fatal Five (Da’Vonne, Michelle, Nicole, Tiffany and Zakiyah). During the BB Roadkill nomination ceremony, Victor decided to nominate Tiffany up for eviction. Tiffany knows that Victor is the real target is very unsure of her safety now being nominated.

My Prediction For POV

For the POV competition, if Victor does get selected to play, he’ll be determined to win the POV, which would throw a wrench into Paulie’s HOH. With only two spots open for the competition, the odds of Victor being selected are very low. I predict however that Paulie will win the POV regardless of the other players selected. I also think Paul would give Paulie a run for the win but will fall short and to prove his loyalty to Paulie in ensuring Victor goes up as a replacement nominee. If Paulie does win that would give him the power to replace one of his own nominees and to put up Victor. I predict he’ll use the POV on Paul to show thanks in getting Victor up. Tune in tomorrow at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see if Paul, Bronte or Tiffany can get themselves off the block, if the POV will be used and who the possible replacement nominee could be!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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