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Flirty, Spunky & Wifey Spy gave themselves missions this week; ensure the safety of their alliance. Meanwhile the feud between Frank and Da’Vonne may have been squashed for now, however for Da’Vonne keeping Tiffany Over Bronte or Paul was sounding like a better plan then following what Frank wants. It is his HOH this week right? But first, Bridgette is actually the HOH this week and her fellow spy girl Bronte was nominated by the BB Roadkill winner for eviction. Here’s my recap for last night’s episode.

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Bronte’s Secret

Bronte was feeling down in the dumps for being nominated for the second time this season. Wanting to confide comfort in her Spy Girl alliance, current HOH Bridgette and Natalie she finally confessed a secret she was withholding them. Her secret was something the viewers actually knew, but during the editing it sounded like it was more of a surprise. The secret was Bronte lied about never going to college and that she’s an aspiring mathematician who wants to work with the NSA. Natalie and Bridgette were happy that Bronte shared her secret with them and continuing to solidify their all girl alliance. It was now all three of the ladies goal to make sure Bronte was taken off the block and to use their spy skills to get information for their alliance.

Keeping the Spy Girls Safe

The ladies went on the prowl to find out who was the BB Roadkill winner and who nominated Bronte. In a surprising turn James revealed some information to his flirtmance and Flirty Spy Natalie about who possibly nominated Bronte as well as warning her that she may be the replacement nominee. Through deduction Natalie figured out that Frank had indeed won and even though the target for this week was Tiffany, being on the block wasn’t an option. Having this information came at a price because James asked her not to tell Bridgette because of her relationship with Frank.

Then when the ladies came to reconvene if they had any info, Bronte and Bridgette figured out that Natalie was withholding information from them. Also it was revealed that Bridgette doesn’t trust James and Natalie doesn’t trust Frank but Natalie wanted to assure both ladies the information she had was accurate. But Bronte and Bridgette wanted to do some more digging. Bridgette found out from Frank after some alone time that he did win the BB Roadkill competition and nominated Bronte. What was more surprising was Frank then revealed to Bridgette that he was the one that also won the BB Roadkill the first week and nominated her for eviction. Clearly Spunky Spy was doing work in getting information, while Wifey Spy, Bronte confronted James about his knowledge of the BB Roadkill winner, but wouldn’t budge. However it was clear that Bronte needed to pick Natalie for the POV competition so she could win it to save herself and take Bronte off the block. Frank being a few steps ahead also confronted Bronte about possibly choosing him for the POV and ensuring to remove her off the block. Unfortunately it was a little too late as the Spy girls found out he was the won really running things, which didn’t settle well with them.

A Vetolicious Win

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For the POV competition this week, Bronte had the opportunity to select a houseguest for the competition and choose her fellow Spy Girl alliance member Natalie. The other houseguest selected was Paulie and the other all girl alliance the Fatal Four (previously five), was slightly worried about Natalie being selected. Frank was bummed that Bronte didn’t pick him, while the ladies realized if Natalie wins that one of them may be put up for eviction. The host for this competition was Da’Vonne and the competition featured some product placement.

A familiar Big Brother competition of memory, exploding glitter and paint was back but this time in the form of food making. The houseguest had to memorize a sequence of food and then correctly answer a question corresponding to the answers that were revealed. Tiffany was going in confident for this competition because she was good at memory and also that her sister Vanessa from last season won this type of competition. Meanwhile Paul’s strategy for the competition was to memorize the sequence in song. Both Natalie and Bronte were eliminated after the first sequences. Leaving Bridgette to fight for the POV. In the end it was down to Paul and Bridgette, with Paul selecting “spicy,” and Bridgette selecting “fiery,” for the answer to the sequence. It was “fiery,” Bridgette that won the POV giving her two wins this week. Then upon her victory, Frank encouraged her to do a victory gesture with him, which ultimately landed the traveling ER nurse in crutches.

An Outback Feast

Bridgette winning the POV this week also was rewarded a steak dinner along with her Category 4 team members courtesy of Outback Steakhouse. She also was given the task of also selecting another team to join in the dinner. With the small feud between Frank and Da’Vonne, Bridgette thought it would be a great opportunity to patch things up over a nice steak dinner. It was also Zakiyah’s birthday as well so it was only fitting to choose team Big Sister to be at the dinner. As for Team Unicorn and the Freakazoids they were stuck in the house hearing the other teams enjoy their steaks, beer and chocolate cake.

The following day it was time for Bridgette to choose whether to save one of the nominees or keep it nominations the same. She gave the Bronte, Paul and Tiffany an opportunity to plead their case. After finding out Frank was the BB Roadkill winner and that Natalie was going to be a possible replacement nominee, Bridgette decided not to use the POV. Paul was bummed that his “friendship,” speech didn’t save him from the block and she didn’t use it on her Spy Girl alliance member Bronte. But this continued to prove that Frank was running the HOH this week, even though Bridgette was in power.

Prediction for Eviction & HOH

This week is looking to be an interesting vote. Could there be a flip in who’s going home this week? Da’Vonne mentioned in her DR confessional that she might want to keep Tiffany to evict Frank. Then there’s Frank who is making sure to evict Tiffany this week. So the question really comes down to which of the three houseguests’ this week will benefit the houseguests in evicting. I’m predicting a possible scenario of going back and forth but ultimately the vote being 6-3-0 in favor of Tiffany being evicted with a few votes to Paul and no votes to Bronte. As for the HOH, I believe it will be Frank or Da’Vonne’s week to win but I’m predicting a win from Zakiyah. Tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit to see who’ll be evicted from the Big Brother house and who’ll be crowned the next HOH.

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.