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Last night’s episode was so entertaining and sets up an interesting week ahead. But first – Bronte, Paul and Tiffany were all put up for eviction. Frank wants Tiffany out of the house while Da’Vonne may want to keep Tiffany to then use to help evict Frank. So last night’s eviction was going to favor one returning houseguest over the other.

Here’s my recap of last night’s episode!

Flipping the house

Bridgette’s decision to not use the POV was in confidence that the target for the week, Tiffany was going home. Da’Vonne however had a different agenda, especially when Frank is the one making the moves. Tired of continuing to do Frank’s bidding, Da’Vonne made an effort to recruit others in saving Tiffany from eviction. James was for flipping his vote from Tiffany to Bronte. Now the plan to get Bronte evicted over Tiffany was looking to be a plan until trying to convince Paulie. Paulie is closely tied with Frank because they’re on the same team and have bonded in the house. His reasoning to evict Tiffany over Bronte was that Tiffany has no loyalty to anyone, an emotional player and could win a competition over Bronte. Da’Vonne, Nicole, Zakiyah and James were trying to convince him that Tiffany could be used for the long run. But the house only needs to get five houseguests to flip the vote and eventually convinced Paulie due to the fact that the following week Frank would be trying to figure out who changed the vote.

Bye Bye Bronte

The eviction speeches were entertaining. Paul knowing he was safe continued with his positive up beat “friendship,” speech and Tiffany had a different approach. Tiffany blatantly called out the “dictator,” this week, he was running the show with his “cabbage patch,” and both would be her targets. This was a great speech; if Tiffany was going to get evicted she was leaving guns blazing. Bronte was more positive like Paul and enjoyed her time and if she was to go it was her time to go. My prediction yesterday was incorrect and by a vote of 5-4, Bronte D’Acquisto the aspiring mathematician college student was evicted from the Big Brother house. During her interview Julie Chen Bronte said she is looking forward to relaxing in Denver, CO the rest of the summer. But before she can do that, Julie announces to her the Battle Back competition and Bronte said she was glad she “held her tongue,” during her exit from the game.

Euro Trippin’ for HOH

This past week the houseguests were shown pictures of the three evicted houseguests, Glenn, Jozea and Victor taking trip around Europe. These photos were immediately a sign to the houseguests that the next HOH competition would be a memory competition and to look at the photos carefully. So the houseguests were making great efforts to study the photos. This competition only lasted four questions long and it was down to Frank, Paulie and Nicole. The winner was Paulie which means Frank, Bridgette and Michelle would be safe from eviction for the week thanks to the team twist this season. We’ll see if the Team Twist lasts when the returning evicted houseguest returns.

Top Three Houseguests This Week

  1. Frank – Even though his initial target Tiffany wasn’t eliminated, being the BB Roadkill winner this week he got his nominee evicted. He continues to show that having some experience with returning houseguests and now being a returning houseguests playing the game is paying off. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s also safe again for another week because of his Category 4 teammate winning HOH for the following week.
  2. Da’Vonne – She flipped the script and got the house to get Bronte out instead of Tiffany. Last season she was voted out week two and she’s survived an additional two weeks, but her days could be outnumbered. Da’Vonne has learned from her past mistakes and looks to have created great bonds in the house thanks to her social game.
  3. Nicole – Our Michigander, like Da’Vonne has learned from her season and continues to improve her game. She did have a slight misstep when our other Michigander Michelle, called her out from a conversation with Frank about possibly being in on a plan to evict Da’Vonne. She may have sweated but Nicole is learning not play the game week to week but also to think ahead.

Bottom Three Houseguests

  1. Bridgette – Her fellow Spy Girl was evicted during her own HOH reign. Forming a budding showmance with Frank is a double edge sword. She had the opportunity to save her fellow alliance member but chose to not change anything. If she did we may have had a different scenario play out this week for eviction. But she’s ranked low for not really having a backbone during her own reign to get someone who she wanted out and would be best for her game. She instead did Frank’s doing and got “blood on her hands.”
  2. Paul -It’s interesting how Paul has now become this season’s “Johnny Mac,” where he’s just a sitting pawn to get another houseguest evicted but that can only be done so many times before they get evicted. He may not be one of my top ranked players this week, however he’s got his “friendships.”
  3. Corey – He may have a showmance with Nicole, but that’s pretty much it. He’s sitting pretty in the middle and is just coasting to at least to the jury house for now. Here’s hoping he’ll make a move.

Prediction for BB Roadkill & Nominations

I predict Frank will win the BB Roadkill competition again and nominate Da’Vonne for eviction. However Paulie may beat Frank or the BB Roadkill winner in nominating her. If Paulie was smart he’d target James & Nicole for both of their budding showmance or flirtmance with another houseguest but also to target a veteran. I won’t be surprised if Paul is yet again nominated as a “pawn.” Next week we’ll have an extra episode of Big Brother! Next Friday the Battle Back competition will be shown and the first five evicted houseguests we’ll get the opportunity to have a shot to return to the game! So that’s four episodes next week, which also means an extra recap! But first, tune in on Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see the aftermath of last night’s eviction, who wins the BB Roadkill competition and who Paulie as well as the BB Roadkill winner nominate for eviction!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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