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The plan to evict Frank definitely backfired with Paulie winning HOH this week. Hoping Tiffany would win HOH also backfired. Now with two people trying to figure out where they stand in the house. Poor Natalie and Bridgette lost their “wifey spy,” and were taking the loss pretty bad. Especially Bridgette since it was during her week as HOH, but what’s worse is that one of her own ally’s was the one to put her on the block and be evicted. Frank the Dictator and Bridgette the cabbage patch the dynamic duo were on their own in the playing Big Brother. It seemed the house was against them and Tiffany. Also who’s Uncle Austin? But first – here’s my recap of last night’s episode!

Frank On The Hunt

With Bronte out of the house and Category 4 safe, it was a bittersweet for Frank because Tiffany was still in the house but he is safe for another week. For the rest of the house, flipping the voted didn’t work out so well now that Frank is safe for the week and Tiffany didn’t win HOH. Our returning houseguest from Michigan, Nicole was on the defense with Frank as he was trying to figure out who switched their vote. Meanwhile Da’Vonne was also trying to cover her tracks between Frank and Tiffany. A blow up with Frank, gave her flashbacks to last season when she had a dispute with Clay Honeycutt, which led to her eviction.

Tiffany’s Emotional Game

Speaking of being alone and having the house against them, Tiffany has not had a very good two weeks. With two nominations and feeling confident that she was going out the door, Tiffany was having a roller coaster of emotions. Especially when it comes to confiding to the other houseguests. But in the game of Big Brother, if someone is the target, the all tell signs are people getting quite whenever you’re near and not wanting to talk game. Plus her sister played the game last year and Tiffany is acting almost like her older sister Vanessa Russo. So when it came time to try and make amends or play the game, she was going full force. Her first and only stop going to the person that she is on the outs with, Frank. Luckily for her Frank also seemed like he was on the outs. Tiffany’s only ammunition was throwing people under the bus to make herself more favorable to him. Private conversations always get revealed as Da’Vonne walked into their chat to then immediately run to the HOH room to tell those who were up there what was going on.

When Nicole went to check up on Tiffany, she was not buying into the returning houseguest wanting to comfort her. There were so many tears this episode from Tiffany; it gave me flashbacks to last season of her sister. Da’Vonne having played the game with her sister, felt bad on a personal level for Tiffany. Playing the Big Brother game, Da’Vonne needed to be not only on Tiffany’s good graces but Frank’s too if either one were to win the BB Roadkill. The nominations from the HOH still had to happen before the BB Roadkill competition.

Paulie’s Game Plan

Even though Paulie had agreed to go with the plan to flip the votes to send Bronte home and keep Tiffany, his plan this week was not going to change. His goal for this week as HOH was to send Tiffany packing. Tiffany being a “ticking time bomb,” an emotional player and having no true allegiance she was a threat to Paulie’s game. So when it came to the nominations, Tiffany was a clear choice and for his second nominee he put up a pawn. His pawn was Natalie and she was feeling less stressed about being nominated since she knew Tiffany is the target.

Freshening The BB RV

In this week’s BB Roadkill competition, inside the BB RV was apparently having some ventilation issues as “Uncle Austin,” had a nasty run in with the lavatory in the RV. My theory of who “Uncle Austin,” is to last season’s houseguests Austin Matelson as he was apparently a smelly one. So to freshen up the BB RV the houseguests had to place air fresheners onto poles. The poles however were of various lengths and the air fresheners could only be placed on to the corresponding pole of the same color. One by one the houseguests attempted to balance the air fresheners as well as maneuver through the course. During the reveal of the BB Roadkill winner, Da’Vonne had hoped neither Frank nor Tiffany won for the possibility she might be put up as the third nominee. Frank unfortunately didn’t win and so he was hoping to have Bridgette or Tiffany win. With 31 air fresheners Tiffany had won this week’s BB Roadkill.

A surprising move was when Tiffany told Da’Vonne and Frank that she had won. Da’Vonne was worried about Tiffany winning; however getting assurance from her that she was safe was relief. She did tell both Frank and Da’Vonne that her target was Corey. Asking Frank for some guidance she wasn’t sure to immediately put Corey up for eviction or his ally Nicole instead. In the end, during the BB Roadkill nomination ceremony it was Corey who was put up. The reasoning was to target an ally of Paulie’s and Corey’s track record of competitions hasn’t been so great.

Prediction for POV

I predict that Corey will prove Tiffany and Frank wrong in how awful he is at competitions. Corey will then obviously use it on himself but giving the power to nominate the replacement to Tiffany. If the POV is used on a nominee then I predict Paulie or Tiffany would put up Da’Vonne as the replacement. The reason being is because she can’t seem to be trusted with information and she is a threat to both Tiffany and Paulie’s game. Tune in on Wednesday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see who wins the POV and if it’ll be used to save one of the nominated houseguests!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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