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It has almost been a month since the start of this season and the drama has just begun. The returning houseguests seem to have lost trust in one another and some of the new houseguests are starting to get their footing. But first — Tiffany, Natalie and Corey were put on the block for eviction. Paulie the current HOH is set on evicting Tiffany this week. Meanwhile this week’s BB Roadkill winner and current nominee Tiffany chose Corey to take a strike at Paulie’s alliance. Here’s my recap of last night’s episode!

The Returning Houseguests’ Bad Game play

Unsure who was the BB Roadkill winner; Corey assumed Frank was the BB Roadkill winner. Our Michigander, Nicole was in tears with Corey’s nominations and nervous at the possibility of Corey being evicted. Remember when Nicole said that she wasn’t going to play the game for a stupid boy? Well it’s looking like our Ubly, MI resident is reverting back to her game play of her previous season. Speaking of reverting back it seems as if all the returning houseguests are doing what they do best, playing the game as they did before. Frank trying to gain trust from other houseguests; James trying to use his social game only and then there is Da’Vonne. Out of all the returning houseguests Da’Vonne only lasted two evictions and the reason why was running her mouth. She did a good job at the beginning of this season listening but took the information she had and talked about it to houseguests around the house. Last week she even had a loud fight against Frank. Knowing Tiffany was the BB Roadkill winner was keeping her on her toes.

He Said, She Said, Da’Vonne Said

Feeling as if she’s out the door yet again, Tiffany divulges information to Frank to try and sway his trust. The “fatal five,” alliance was exposed as well as the Corey, Nicole, Paulie, Zakiyah & Da’Vonne alliance. All the alliances pointed back to Da’Vonne. Slowly Frank and Tiffany put the pieces together. Da’ Vonne has been in the middle of their argument, telling “lies,” and getting the two of them to go after one another. In another clip we see Da’Vonne just lounging in the living room when Frank comes to talk to her. Corey and Paul walk by and Frank as well as Da’Vonne try to make it sound as if they were just having a conversation. However perception is everything in the house and Paul did not believe Frank and Da’Vonne were just having a conversation. With this information he brought it back to Paulie and put Da’Vonne on high alert. As I predicted, Da’Vonne is looking to be a target by running her mouth. But in this situation it was all a matter of perception because in Da’Vonne’s DR confessional she just wanted to relax and eat potato chips but Frank had placed himself there and started to chat with her. Corey didn’t think anything of the interaction, however Paul who’s been playing a relatively low profile took this observation and ran with it. Paulie is still intent in getting Tiffany evicted and Da’Vonne was someone who could be dealt with later weeks. With the upcoming POV competition Da’Vonne might be the backup plan if Tiffany wins.

A Sweet POV

For the POV competition the houseguests were transported to a land of sweets. For Natalie she was in heaven as she confessed of having a sweet tooth. Playing along side Paulie, Corey, Natalie and Tiffany in this POV competition were Da’Vonne and Paul. Nicole had hoped to be chosen to ensure her safety and if she had won take Corey off the block. Da’Vonne was elated to be selected knowing she had a chance to save herself and Tiffany was also excited in the possibility that Da’Vonne would use the POV on her. Paul was someone Paulie and Corey wanted to see play to ensure the plan of evicting Tiffany was still happen.

For the POV competition the object of the game was to correctly stack the correct three ice cream cones with the corresponding order displayed on a monitor. The houseguests could only move one scoop of ice cream at a time and only three scoops of ice cream could be stacked together. There were only two stations, which meant the houseguests were competing against one another and each houseguest selected who they were competition against. Corey was selected to go first and immediately challenged Tiffany. With this HOH being a mental competition, Tiffany was certain she would be able win and knew Corey hasn’t had a good record with the competitions so far in this game. However Corey pulled a victory and eliminated Tiffany from the competition. Paul was up next and eliminated Natalie. Paulie was next and tried to sway Da’Vonne into competition with him, however she relented and wanted to go last. This didn’t sit well with Paulie and chose Da’Vonne anyways due to that both of them haven’t competed yet. Da’Vonne tried her best but wasn’t enough to take out Paulie and was eliminated. In the end it was going to plan for Paulie to win this POV, but Corey used his brain to come back to defeat Paul and Paulie to win the POV this week. Which was bittersweet as now he had the decision of using it and also having the possibility of Nicole be the replacement nominee.

Tiffany’s New Target

After the POV competition, Da’Vonne was visibly upset that she didn’t win this competition and was in tears. Tiffany was puzzled in Da’Vonne being upset because the BB Roadkill winner would be the one to decide the replacement nominee if Corey used it on himself. Since the BB Roadkill winner was Tiffany herself, seeing Da’Vonne upset, didn’t sit too well with Tiffany. Especially when she thought Da’Vonne was an ally. So with only one viable option left to ensure a possibly of staying this week, Tiffany needed to nominate a bigger target than herself and that was Da’Vonne. Though Tiffany wanted to take a swing at Paulie’s allies, Da’Vonne has been someone who’s been in the middle of most arguments between her and Frank as well as someone she thought could trust. So during the POV Ceremony, it was revealed that Da’Vonne would be the replacement nominee and as she took her place along side Natalie and Tiffany, Da’Vonne took a seat and hugged Natalie while flipping her hair to whip Tiffany. Finally we see a returning houseguest nominated and it took month to get there.

Prediction for Eviction & HOH

Tonight’s live eviction could possibly see another flip in the house. Frank said he would try to now sway the votes to keep Tiffany in the house, after last week trying to get her out to now evict Da’Vonne. With Frank’s social game and Da’Vonne’s probable self-destruction I would not be surprised if she were to be evicted tomorrow. However Paulie is determined to not let Tiffany escape eviction this time around, even though he has no say in the votes and only has say in the event of a tie. So I predict by a vote of 6-2-0, Tiffany will be evicted from the Big Brother house, with Da’Vonne receiving only two and Natalie receiving zero votes. I predict next week’s HOH will be James because with the teams as the are, I think Team Unicorn will have an advantage with being a smaller team. It might not be the last we see of Tiffany because tomorrow night we’ll see the first five evicted houseguests compete in the Battle Back competition. But first — tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit to see who’s evicted and who’ll be crowned next week’s HOH!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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