(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

By Mark Drum
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The secret room was discovered; the twist to the room revealed and Julie announces how we can have an influence to the game. But first, Frank and Bridgette are up on the block and one of them headed out the door. Plus the other half of the returning houseguests from their season give their thoughts on how their counterpart is doing this time around in the game. Finally this week’s HOH competition has the houseguests only having “one shot.”  Here’s my recap of last night’s eviction episode!

Headed To Paris

As it looked like the end for both Frank and Bridgette’s game, the monitor in the living room read a message to the houseguests. “Clues to the secret…are all around you.” Which leads to all the houseguests searching the house for these clues. As Julie Chen had informed the viewers the clues were on the posters, the airplane and departures logo. From decoding the clues, it was “Secret Destination Departing Now,” and then to “Call Paris,” using the phone upstairs near the HOH room. The first person to solve it was Paul, who was frantically trying to figure it out before Frank and Bridgette. Once he was able to “call Paris,” on the phone, he was instructed to “wait until the close was clear,” and a door would open to lead him to the room. Sure enough it opened and he raced to the secret room. Keeping with the themes of all the rooms this room was the Paris room. Inside the secret room had twelve envelopes and each had a ticket. Only one had a round trip ticket, which would give that houseguest the chance to come back into the game. Paul immediately picks his card, celebrates with the other houseguests and poorly explaining to the houseguests what was in the room. He tried to play it off that he was the only one that could go, however the other houseguests started to realize they could go in as well. All the houseguests solved the clues and gained access to the secret room. Julie then explained to the houseguests that the tickets would expire on Aug 18 and each would be open after the evicted houseguest leaves the house. So either Bridgette or Frank could be walking back in after just being eliminated.


Dynamic Duos Weigh In

With our returning houseguests playing the game, in their previous season the returners had formed a bond with another houseguests who they could trust and sure enough we saw all of those counterparts give their perspective of how they’re doing in the game now. Jason from last season was Da’Vonne’s ally and is still rooting her on in his mother’s basement as well as still working as a bag boy. Meanwhile Meg also from last season is still a server and adamantly tells us that her and James were strictly in the “friend zone,” and nothing romantic happened. Meg worries that Da’Vonne may threaten James’ game play but thinks he’s doing good so far. Nicole’s former flame and first Big Brother showmance Hayden from season 15 says they’re still friends. He doesn’t recommend being in a showmance but is still rooting for her even though it is a bit awkward to see. Last and not least Big Brother All Stars Season 7 winner Mike “Boogie” Malin, didn’t have good news in his thoughts on Frank’s game play. But would not be surprised if Frank made a last-minute move to keep himself in the house. Unfortunately there was no last-minute play and by a unanimous vote Frank Eudy, the medical sales rep from Charlotte, NC was sent home. Now that he was evicted, Julie opened his Big Brother Airlines ticket to see if he had the round trip ticket in front of the other houseguests and viewers. She revealed a “one way ticket,” which meant Frank’s game was officially over and that someone in the house still has the round trip ticket.

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Top Three Houseguests This Week

  1. James – Winning HOH this week and getting his main target out of the house was a successful week. However now that one showmance is kaput, he may have made his target a little bigger being in a showmance with Natalie.
  2. Paul – It’s surprising how loud, obnoxious and paranoid Paul can get. However he managed to keep his ally Victor who returned to the game safe and also solved the clues first to the secret room. Now that the house continues to downsize he may become a target again.
  3. Da’Vonne – She got her target out of the house this week, but going into next week she better try to win the HOH competition or she could see herself on the block.


Bottom Three Houseguests This Week

  1. Bridgette – The Cabbage Patch kid lost her friend this week. Feeling alone she’ll need to now rely back with her Spy Girls ally Natalie if she wants to survive.
  2. Michelle – She may have one the POV this week, but a smart move would have been to use it and shake up the game. Also it doesn’t help that our Michigander became emotional and petty over a guy who she had a crush on as well as be a super fan to.
  3. Corey – Floating by in this game, in a showmance and not made any moves. I’d like to see Corey step up or just be sent home.

My Choice For This Week’s America’s Care Package

America’s Vote is back and in the form of giving a houseguest a “care package.” This week’s care package to a lucky houseguests is a Never Not Pass, which means they can never be chosen as a “Have Not,” and means no more slop! I think Natalie should receive this care package because why not. The other care packages the later weeks would be more beneficial for some other houseguests in my opinion. Go to http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/americas-care-package/ to see what the other care packages are and to also vote!

My Prediction For HOH & Nominations

The HOH competition consisted of all the houseguests having to practice throwing a ball on a path to reach the end and land in a box. However if their ball fell off it would land on a corresponding number. Once the houseguests felt confident in their rolling abilities they could take their red ball and take their chance. If nobody lands in the box at the end of the path with their red ball then the houseguest with the highest score would win HOH this week. I predict a shift in the house and that either Victor or Paul will win this week’s HOH. Paulie looked like he threw his shot during a commercial break and didn’t land in the box and had landed somewhere. His number wasn’t revealed but I don’t think next week’s HOH will be him. I do however predict with either Victor or Paul’s nominations that Da’Vonne and Nicole will be put up. Tune in on Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see who win’s the HOH and who they put up for eviction.

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.