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After Frank’s eviction and Julie revealing his one-way ticket, the power was back up for grabs as HOH. America’s Care Package recipient was revealed. There seems to be a new target the house wants gone, or at least for a few of the houseguests. But first here’s my recap of last night’s episode.

Paul’s One Shot

When we last left the houseguests they were in the middle of an HOH competition. As I observed, Paulie had made a shot during a commercial break and scored a six. Meanwhile the other houseguests continued to practice with their yellow ball before making a shot with their red ball. Next to make an attempt was Victor, however he didn’t make the shot and landed on 14. Next to try was Paul and he didn’t make the shot he did get the highest score possible which was a 21. Slowly the other houseguests continued to take their shots. While practicing Michelle, Natalie and Corey were able to make the shot, but when they tried to make the shot with the red ball they fell short. Da’Vonne and Nicole tried to beat Paul’s score or make the shot because both of them have been caution around each other and worry about their safety against the other. In the end their shots were not enough to be Paul’s score or to make it in the box. Friendship won this week’s HOH!

Finding A Pawn

Paul’s target for the week was to get rid of the other half of last week’s nominations, Bridgette. Paulie however wanted to plant the thought of getting a bigger target out because Bridgette was a completely different player now that Frank was gone. Nicole and Da’Vonne have been on the outs since Frank’s departure and worry about their safety against each other. Paul being stubborn as he was made it clear his HOH was to get Bridgette out. So with Bridgette being the target he needed a pawn that would be good at the POV competition. He asked Corey, Victor and Paulie which they all didn’t feel comfortable into being a pawn. Then he asks pretty much everyone else except for Natalie. In the moment, our Michigander Nicole said she’d volunteer. Which as she mentions in her DR confessional you never volunteer to be a pawn. But she gave her word to Paul.

America’s Care Package

The houseguests were all asked to go to the living room for a special announcement. Paul informed the houseguest about America’s Care Package. The first care package arrived hours later in the backyard via a parachute. My prediction was correct in that Natalie was selected as America’s vote to win this care package, which was the Never Not pass. Voting for next week’s care package is up at

Paulie’s Transformation

It’s interesting to note that Paulie has been slowly becoming a twin of Paul’s this season. This I believe is a great strategy he learned from his brother’s dynamic duo partner, season 16 winner Derek Levassuer who worked as an undercover cop. Derek during his season, tried to blend in with acting and becoming like the other houseguests. So clearly it’s looking like Paulie is transforming himself to be like another houseguests to also blend in. We’ll see if Paulie admits to this or not.

Nicole Changes Her Mind

After discussing her volunteering to be a pawn with Corey and Michelle, Nicole was having second thoughts. Feeling uncomfortable with being nominated she went up and told Paul about her feelings. Paul decided that Nicole wouldn’t be strong enough to be nominated and competes to ensure Bridgette’s eviction this week. Paulie again continued to push for another target, specifically Da’Vonne to be the one evicted this week. So Paulie decides to just volunteer himself on the block because he feels confident about winning POV and then to get Da’Vonne put up as the replacement nominee. At the POV ceremony this was a surprise to Da’Vonne that Paulie was nominated along side Bridgette because she thought Nicole was going to be nominated. So she’s now keeping tabs on Paul.

Prediction for POV

I predict Paulie wins this week’s POV and Paul instead of throwing Da’Vonne puts up Natalie to ensure that Bridgette get’s sent home. However if Da’Vonne is put up for eviction, I expect to see some plotting and scheming from Paulie to ensure she is put up. Then we can see Da’Vonne have an emotional meltdown in the DR or maybe even in front of the houseguests. As the numbers start to go down the bigger targets are becoming more apparent as the weaker players are floating by. Tune in on Wednesday at 8pm to CBS Detroit to see if Bridgette or Paulie win the POV, if it’s used on one of them and who the possible replacement nominee will be!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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