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It’s official Big Brother Season 19 will be coming earlier than expected!  But first, with Bridgette and Paulie on the block, the POV could help to save one of them from eviction. Who’s running this house? It’s currently Paulie. Even though Paul is HOH, a Big Brother sibling is running this game currently. However just like with anyone in charge the power can change. Here’s my recap of last night’s episode.

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PP Covering Their Bases

Even though Bridgette was his target, Paul wanted to reassure her that there was a bigger target to get rid of then her. When in reality Paul hopes to evict her and Bridgette did not believe Paul, but could only hope that the reassurance would pay off. There seems to be trouble in the showmance that is with Paulie and Zakiyah. A small spat erupted between the two, which didn’t show Paulie in a great light, and Zakiyah was in tears. While Paulie had Paul, Zakiyah had Michelle in confronting her during their dispute. Da’Vonne confused by the nominations, wanted to find out what “Plan B,” would be if Bridgette got off the block and Paul’s response was not to think about it. Paulie’s plan this week is to win the POV and have Paul put Da’Vonne up for eviction.

Ready, Set, POV

For the POV competition it could have been argued that it was more suited for the guys then the girls because it required athleticism. However that was immediately disproved as the competition began. Along side Paul, Paulie and Bridgette playing in the POV competition were Corey, Natalie and Victor. In the first round Corey an apparent all-state track star was the first person eliminated due to a false start. The POV competition was “Ready, Set, Whoa,” a returning game that requires focus as well as speed to win. A twist in this game was that they had multiple buzzers the houseguests could hit but after each round the button they selected would be out of play, so this required strategy as well. In the end it was Paulie against Victor in winning the competition and Paulie was determined to win. For a second time this season Paulie won the POV, which surprises me that no one in the house is seeing him yet as a threat, but kudos to him for not being seen as a threat.

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Shifting The Target

Now that Paulie had won POV, his plan could continue in motion. Zakiyah was not on board with this plan, as the pair had seemed to make up. A surprising statement that Zakiyah made was that they should soon start to target Paul. This information then immediately got back to Paul from Paulie and since Paul was HOH this week, he could consider putting Zakiyah up for eviction rather than Da’Vonne. Now that Paulie was removing himself from the block, Da’Vonne still was searching for an answer as to who the target was this week. She even suggested putting up another veteran up and this time targeting Nicole. This information also got delivered to Nicole, which immediately fueled for Da’Vonne to be put on the block and to be evicted. And who relayed the information? Paulie and it’s clear that even though it may be Paul’s HOH, Cody’s older brother seems to be making the shots. Paul wanting to cover his bases in the event that Da’Vonne had the round trip ticket informed her that she’d be going on the block to ensure Bridgette gets evicted. After hearing this, she warns Paul that if she were to be put on the block she’d be targeted. During the POV ceremony, Paulie did remove himself on the block and Paul put up Da’Vonne as his replacement.

My Prediction For Eviction & HOH

Things aren’t looking well with Da’Vonne and with the vote this week it could end up being a tie, having Paul make the decision between either Bridgette or Da’Vonne going home. But I predict by a unanimous vote that Da’Vonne will be getting an early exit in the game and just missing jury. Since this week wasn’t a double eviction, I’m predicting Julie Chen to announce that after tonight’s eviction they’ve all made it to jury, however that next week will be a double eviction. I’m just also hoping for a double eviction because there are still a lot of houseguests in the house and the summer is starting to wind down. As for the upcoming HOH competition, I’d like to see our Michigander Michelle win to shift the power and to see who she’d target. Tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit to see who’s evicted from the Big Brother house and who’ll be crowned next week’s HOH!

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.