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Julie Chen announced to the houseguests that they’ve all made it to the nine-person jury during last night’s live eviction episode. Bridgette or Da’Vonne may be the first member of the jury if neither one of them is holding the round trip ticket back into the game. But first, off the heels of being nominated Da’Vonne now had to make sure she could secure the votes. Also we saw a glimpse into the life of Paul outside of the Big Brother house. Here’s my recap of last night’s episode.

Who Is The Pawn? Plus Meeting Paul’s Family

Trying to get answers Da’Vonne wanted to know why she was nominated over other houseguests with Paul. Before having that conversation, Paulie was assuring Bridgette that the only votes against her so far were Zakiyah and Michelle. Da’Vonne had walked by this conversation and suspected Bridgette already plotting. When in reality it was Paulie plotting to send Da’Vonne out the door. Paul’s friends and family had nothing but praise for the current HOH. They expect to see him and Paulie in the final two. However with the game now deciding jury members, it’s still anyone’s game.

James’ Tough Decision

Knowing it could possibly be a tie, Da’Vonne need to secure at least five votes to stay in the house. But if she only could get four then Paul would be the deciding factor. Paul’s mission for his HOH was to get Bridgette out but if there was a tie didn’t want to have to do it because that meant he’d get “blood on his hands.” Da’Vonne ally and season 17 companion James was her only hope. Natalie was set in voting out Da’Vonne to save her Spy Girl Bridgette, but said she’d do whatever James decides. In the end James didn’t want to show his cards and went with “the majority,” of the house and by a vote of 6-2 Da’Vonne Rogers the Poker Dealer from Inglewood, CA now living in Lancaster, CA was evicted from the Big Brother house. Then after a commercial break, Julie Chen then opened up Da’Vonne’s twist ticket to reveal it was only a “one way,” which meant the round trip ticket was still up for play and Da’Vonne is the first member of jury.

My Ranking of The Houseguests

  1. Paulie – It may not have been his HOH, but it might as well been. Even with his bold move of putting himself on the block, he won POV, got his backdoor target put up on the block and got them evicted from the house.
  2. Victor – He’s survived two evictions since battling his way back in to the house and just as Da’Vonne left was given a warning that he’d be a target during a double eviction. Will he see this as useful information or just one last ruse from a houseguest that was just evicted?
  3. Paul – His flip-flop game this week as HOH didn’t give him the top ranking, but he still is a strong player even though at the beginning of this season was seen as a target. Now with big targets starting to leave he could see himself be a pawn or the target.
  4. Natalie – Nice guys finish last but for Natalie she’s coasting in the Big Brother house. Not seen as a threat and in a showmance she’s only seen as a possible pawn for other houseguests to use to evict another. I do want to see Natalie win a HOH and target the guys.
  5. James – Even though he had to make the difficult decision of eliminating a returning houseguest and friend, James is doing well in the game. However being in a showmance is always a target when the time is right.
  6. Nicole – Getting her former ally this season and fellow-returning houseguest out of the game was a great move. However she’s coasting through this season with her showmance and stronger players defending her. Our fellow Michigander needs to win another HOH soon or she could see herself on the block.
  7. Corey – Other than being in a showmance, Corey has also been coasting along in this game. He may have been nominated once and won a POV but he hasn’t really made a dent in the game. I’d like to see Corey make a bold move or win a HOH.
  8. Zakiyah – Having a spat with her showmance was not good for her game and luckily was able to remedy it for now. But if being one of two votes to evict Bridgette, she’s already an easy target for next week if she or Michelle doesn’t win HOH.
  9. Michelle – Our other Michigander Michelle has been struggling. Losing two former houseguests of previous seasons for eviction, her alliance is dwindling. Here’s hoping this Michigander can also win a HOH having won a POV this season.
  10. Bridgette – Had a rough week being nominated for the second week in a row. She is lucky that she was sitting next to a bigger threat, which got them sent home. I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to keep the Spy Girls alliance as strong, but Natalie is in a showmance with James and Bridgette isn’t so trusting of him. I wonder now that James’ saved her if Bridgette will have a change of heart.

My Vote & Prediction For America’s Care Package

The power to eliminate two votes from next week’s live eviction is a great care package. Now based on popularity I’m predicting Paulie or James getting this care package. This is Big Brother and so strategically as well as my personal vote is to give this power to our Michigander Michelle. Giving the power to a player who may not be seen as a big target or strong competitor will give them an advantage to possibly further themselves in the game. Also it would also be interesting to see if the person who win’s this care package also win’s HOH because then that would give them a lot of power deciding who will be nominated as well as evicted this week.

My Prediction For HOH & Nominations

An endurance competition for this week’s HOH brings back a familiar game in the Big Brother house. I predict Paulie feeling safe and to not create already a big target on his back will probably fall early in this competition to be put as a Have Not in good faith that who ever wins won’t target him. I expect this competition to go on long but not as long as the last endurance competition. James may win another endurance competition this season but I predict Victor who also has a win of an endurance competition to pull out a victory. As far as nominations I predict that the showmance of our Michigander Nicole and Corey get put up if neither win this competition. Tune in on Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see who wins HOH and who they nominate for eviction as well as who receives this week’s America’s Care Package!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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