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It’s an even playing field with five guys and five girls remaining in the Big Brother house. The power however is pretty clear where it lies. But first, the HOH competition was in full swing, literally as the houseguests’ battle for power. Plus America’s Care Package this week may throw a wrench into everyone’s game. Here’s my recap for last night’s episode.

Hanging On For HOH

So my prediction for how long this competition was not correct, it didn’t even last two hours. With Da’Vonne’s eviction to the jury, Michelle and Zakiyah knew they needed to win this week’s HOH. The first three houseguests eliminated from the competition were James, Bridgette and Corey, which meant they were also a Have-Not. Our Michigander’s Nicole and Michelle didn’t last too long either, with Michelle vomiting while still holding on in the competition. Paulie’s goal was to hold on until Zakiyah dropped because of fear that she would play emotional during her week of power. Zakiyah started to try and make deals with the remaining houseguests, Victor however confessed in his DR that he would listen to the deals but not keep them. When two weeks ago he wasn’t even in the Big Brother house. In the end it was Natalie against Victor for HOH, I was surprised at how long Natalie lasted. It wasn’t enough to conquer Victor, giving him HOH for the week.

The Guys Run This House

At the beginning of this game the girls looked to have had a very strong chance of dominating this game. The first three evictions were all male houseguests. Even now with an even amount of guys and girls, it’s clear where the power lies. Who runs the Big Brother house? It’s the guys. Specifically now an all guy alliance called the Executives. But even in the all five guy alliances are a three-person alliance called “The Board,” and then you’ve got the final two alliance of Paul and Paulie. This week’s nominations would be pretty clear that a girl would be sent to jury. However if Victor were smart he would have listened to Da’Vonne’s warning that he would be targeted in a double eviction. Victor’s trust is with his guys, but little does he know that trust is a bit blurred.

America’s Care Package

The power for this week’s care package gives a houseguest to eliminate two votes during the live eviction ceremony. When the music and announcement of America’s Care Package was being delivered, the houseguest all headed out to the back yard for the care package to fall from the sky. Paul was hoping America would give him some friendship and select him as this week’s recipient. This week’s recipient however was last season’s America’s Favorite Houseguest, James. With the care package also came with cookies, socks, underwear and the message of this week’s power. After last week with James voting to keep Da’Vonne and now having the power to eliminate two votes, puts James in a position he doesn’t like. But now that both him and Natalie have been selected for America’s Care Package they are unable to receive another. I’m surprised the houseguests haven’t noticed who’s received them, because it would be a great strategy to use for their advantage.

Emotional Game Play

With nominations looming, Michelle and Zakiyah were confident that they’d be nominated, since both voted to keep Da’Vonne last week. The target seems to be Zakiyah, but for Paulie he’s looking to possibly shift that target to Michelle. Paulie wanted to make sure to still be on Zakiyah’s good graces even though he had just evicted an ally of hers. Zakiyah accepted his apologies but wasn’t going to completely trust him. Michelle was not happy with how the votes did end up and was shocked at how out of the loop she was. Nicole tried to console her as a friend and also explain why she did what she did. But our Michiganders seem to not be so trusting of each other.

Victor The Ruthless

Victor’s nomination speech was pretty pretentious, especially for someone who was already evicted and feeling like he needs to be vindictive. It was ruthless and he showed no mercy when putting up Michelle or Zakiyah. Which surprisingly I don’t think either would have targeted him until his speech. Victor should have targeted Paulie, but clearly he was able to make amends and form the all guy alliance as well as a final three deal. It’s clear Victor wants a girl out and he has his target set to Zakiyah. However as the episode was ending Paulie has a few tricks up his sleeve to change the target to Michelle if he can manage to have James use his power of eliminating two votes wisely.

Prediction for POV

With Victor competing against the two girls, unless it’s a mental competition the girls will have an uphill battle facing off Victor. Plus I predict that the other three houseguests selected would not use the POV on either of the nominees. In showing his ruthlessness Victor will dominate the competition and win POV then solidify his nominations by not using it. Tune in on Wednesday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see if the POV will be used to save either our Michigander Michelle or Zakiyah and if we have a replacement nominee!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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