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Finally the houseguests are slowly seeing Paulie try and run this game. But first, after a very elaborative nomination speech from Victor, Michelle and Zakiyah saw themselves up for eviction. With POV up for grabs it was important for either nominee to win to ensure their safety. Plus James’ care package from America is still in play and he wants to make sure he uses it in a way that will best help his game. Here’s my recap of last night’s episode.

Michelle’s Emotional Fury

Unsurprisingly Victor admitted to really wanting to put on a show during his nominations. Michelle being very emotional, while Zakiyah could care less what Victor had said. Our Michigander Michelle repeated she was a super fan and was hurt by the nominations. She was shocked that Victor didn’t target the person who put him on the block when he was evicted. Michelle then started to put Paulie on blast saying it was clear he had a say in these nominations as well as controlling this game.

Hide And Find The POV

For this week’s POV competition brought back a game James loved last year during his first season. Hide and go veto consisted of the houseguests competing to hide their veto card somewhere in the house then once all houseguests hid their card would then seek for the other houseguests’ veto card. Once five veto cards were found they’d reveal who didn’t win POV and the final card still hidden would win POV. The other houseguests competing with Victor, Michelle and Zakiyah were Nicole, James and houseguests choice from Zakiyah choose Paulie. I’m amazed at how much of a mess the houseguests can do to a place. Mostly the mess was from James as he trashed the kitchen, which made some of the other houseguests competing, upset and led to Victor even threatening that who made the mess nomination worthy. One by one the veto cards were found and it was time for the reveal. Nicole found the first two, which were Victor and Michelle’s cards. Then Victor found Zakiyah’s and Paulie found James’. It was down to either Nicole or Paulie to win the POV. The final card that Victor found was Nicole’s, which meant Paulie won the POV.

Paulie’s Pitch To His Allies

With Zakiyah on the block and Michelle threatening to expose Paulie’s game, he needed to convince his allies that Michelle posses a bigger threat than his showmance. But his convincing was an uphill battle because most of his allies want Zakiyah out. First trying to convince his final two-alliance member Paul that Michelle is targeting them, but Paul saying Zakiyah would go after him and not Paulie. Paul questioning Paulie in trying to get his showmance safe rather than go along with his allies and evicting her. Next Paulie tried to sway James into using his power of nullifying two votes in favor of evicting Michelle. James aware of Paulie’s plan was not falling for it. James wants to make sure the power that America gave him would be used for his game and not for anyone else, especially Paulie. Ultimately Paulie decided not to use the POV, even though he had previously told Zakiyah he would use it on her. Michelle however was not surprised he didn’t use it and kept nominations the same. Paulie didn’t want to turn his back on his boys and by doing so Zakiyah finally lost all trust in Paulie.

My Prediction For Eviction & Double Eviction

I believe James will use his power to nullify Paulie and Bridgette’s votes tonight. In doing this he’ll make the vote 5-0 to evict Zakiyah and keeping our Michigander Michelle safe. I don’t believe Zakiyah has the round trip ticket but if she did it would make the double eviction more interesting. With the double eviction happening tonight, I predict Victor will be the next houseguest evicted along with Zakiyah. Even though she warned Victor, he didn’t listen and make that jury house surprise if it happens by saying he should have listened to her. Tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit to see which two houseguest get evicted and if the round trip ticket will be revealed!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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