DETROIT (WWJ) – The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has decided to keep marijuana on the list of dangerous drugs.

The decision keeps pot in the same category as heroin and cocaine — although officials will allow more entities to grow the drug for research.

Marijuana advocate Charles Reams of Ann Arbor calls the decision ridiculous.

“Every serious observer knows that there is nothing essentially wrong with cannabis,” says Reams,”or nothing more wrong than coffee or 7-Up or a lot of things – it’s unconscionable that they should be able to be allowed to continue this.”

Reams says the government is way behind the people on this issue.

“Anyone knows that marijuana is a fundamentally different drug, fundamentally different category than all those dangerous drugs and in fact cannabis can be used to help people who have addictions to any of those dangerous including alcohol – cannabis can help them with those addictions.”

DEA officials say the decision came after a Department of Health and Human Services review concluded the drug has no accepted medical use and yet a high potential for abuse.


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